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PoorCynic (on behalf of July)
Mission: Agony in Pink (Complete)
Mon Jan 8, 2018 11:46pm

Members of the PPC, it is finished. The Legendary Badfic "Agony in Pink" has been sporked. Let the history books note this triumph!

Ahem. Anyway, here you are:

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Author's Note

Any comments shall be passed on to JulyFlame, the author of the piece. Please enjoy, and share your thoughts.


    • *Tumultuous applause*SkarmorySilver, Mon Jan 22 1:33pm
      I was going to respond to this sooner, but real life had other ideas, and apparently everyone else has said what I wanted to say already. I know that the circumstances behind July's departure were... more
    • I didnít believe that this abomination can be PPCed. Hieronymus Graubart, Mon Jan 22 5:27am
      But this is great. Bravo! I may have spotted a tiny error in Part One: I think I might have accidentally on purposely sold myself to the US military... I guess this should either read "accidentally... more
    • Much-delayed review (spoilers)Tomash, Thu Jan 18 1:50pm
      Spoiler pad spoiler pad spoiler pad spoiler pad spoiler pad spoiler pad spoiler pad spoiler pad spoiler pad spoiler pad spoiler pad spoiler pad spoiler pad spoiler pad spoiler pad spoiler pad spoiler ... more
    • *applause* (nm)eatpraylove, Mon Jan 15 7:02pm
    • Re: Part 1 (spoilers)Zingenmir, Fri Jan 12 5:01am
      So I just finished reading Part 1, and I'm so glad I finally got the chance to do it. (spoiler block goes here there and everywhere spoiler block goes here there and everywherespoiler block goes here ... more
    • Re: mission (spoilers)doctorlit, Thu Jan 11 7:48am
      A GOOD MISSION THE BEST MISSION Ahem. I've gotten peeks at this at various stages of its writing process. It really is a beautiful thing, seeing it all put together and fancy now. In no particular... more
    • ... Whoa.The Good Mod Addict, Wed Jan 10 4:44pm
      I have nothing else to say. Just... Wow. This is amazing.
    • That. Was. Awesome.Hardric, Wed Jan 10 3:35am
      I don't know how much weigth it can carry, but I sincerly regret July's departure from PPC. For the really messy way it went, for not trying to discuss more with her and many people leving here, both ... more
    • OIIIIIIII! Pasty Greens, Wed Jan 10 2:01am
      I love this! I've wanted to see this PPC'd for a long time!
    • Bravo! Bravo! (Semi spoilery)OpinionedAngel, Tue Jan 9 4:36pm
      I've heard of this fic, but was never brave enough to take a look... as a Power Rangers fan, it's great to see someone finally take it down! And it was nice to see the returning Agents helping out... more
    • I love this mission (non-spoiler review).Huinesoron, Tue Jan 9 6:36am
      As July says, I beta'd it, so I've been watching Part 3 in particular for a long time, but it's been ages since I went back and read the whole thing end to end. And... I love it. Part One showcases... more
      • I've only read Part 1 so far...Thoth, Tue Jan 9 11:43am
        But all the yes. The tone and the setup is just... fun. This is a mission that reminded me why I was drawn here to begin with.
        • I've been around the PPC since... Jeez. A while now. Not on the board, not in the community, but reading missions at the very least. As I said back after reading Part 1, this took me back. Back to... more
      • Seconding every bit of this.Neshomeh, Tue Jan 9 11:36am
        And the spoilery one, too. July makes PPCing a godawful NSFW Legendary fun . I can think of no higher praise than that. It was a pleasure to help bring this along, and I'm proud to have been a part... more
      • And now the spoilery version.Huinesoron, Tue Jan 9 6:37am
        This review contains spoilers. You should not read it, or even click on it, without reading the mission first. Seriously. It's an amazing mission, and you shouldn't spoil it for yourself by reading... more
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