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fresh from the internet
Thu Jan 11, 2018 7:44pm

In my quest for the obscure I came across this database of Ancient Roman graffiti found in the ruins of Pompeii:

It reminds me of the website Texts From Last Night, Texts From Nights Long Past, perhaps?

    • BeautifulYpsiFang, Mon Jan 15 1:52am
      The completely out-of-place 'Once you are dead, you are nothing' between all the raunchiness is kinda hilarious, honestly.
    • Some of these are hilarious! (nm)twistedwindowpane, Sun Jan 14 6:32pm
    • Echoes of the presentClersyn, Fri Jan 12 4:14am
      There is an interesting mix of lines that make me remember that these people were writing from a very different cultural context and lines that directly mirror things people write today. I agree,... more
    • A little nsfw, just mentioning. (nm)Maxewell, Thu Jan 11 8:38pm
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