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General Writing thread
Fri Jan 12, 2018 12:44pm

What's everyone been writing recently?
Does anyone have questions about writing to ask the PPC?
Does anyone have unsolicited writing advice?

Post it, share it, or whatever. I figure it's high time we talked more about writing, because we haven't done a lot of writing discussion lately...

    • A couple works.Maxewell, Tue Jan 16 12:40am
      I've got some poetry which I really really should get around to publishing in a magazine or something. Currently just sitting around, just existing, I guess. But recently, I've been working on a... more
    • Three PPC stories in the works,doctorlit, Mon Jan 15 7:50am
      all in the planning stages for years at this point. "Because We Like You" The chronologically next story of my spin-off, this takes place immediately after "Pick Your Poison" and shows my little Sue... more
      • Gah, thanks for the reminder!Neshomeh, Mon Jan 15 8:42am
        And we have that little RP/interlude after "Thirty Hs," too. Those excerpts look great, and I'm stoked for all of it! ~Neshomeh has much to do today.
    • A few thing!Larfen J. Stocke, esq., Mon Jan 15 5:32am
      Which are, uh, partially why I took so long to respond to this. Also, procrastination. By 'a few thing', what I actually mean is is that I have two main projects: 1. My first actual PPC story... more
    • Just a thingOzzielot, Sun Jan 14 8:18pm
      I've been writing bits and pieces of a PPC mission (that I probably won't publish) of a fic that I'm not sure is badfic-bad but otherwise has a Gary Stu, uncanon, contrivance issues, consistency... more
    • So I've been working on this thingQuincy Jones, Sun Jan 14 7:57pm
      A number of months ago, a friend (hi Thoth) and I were discussing the horrors of A/B/O dynamics and I got so mad I decided to make something with A/B/O that wasn't horrible. It's nowhere near done,... more
      • It's looking good so far.Neshomeh, Mon Jan 15 12:25pm
        Technically speaking, there's not that much to beta. I didn't spot a single SPaG error. That doesn't mean there are none, but still! The only spots where I was actually confused were the bit about... more
    • Good God, I'm in quite the pickle.twistedwindowpane, Sun Jan 14 6:12pm
      I've come up with 5 different works for future Badfic Games and other joke badfics, but I haven't worked recently on anything legitimate I have. Oh dear. I need to go do that... But if you guys want... more
    • A couple of things.Phobos, Sat Jan 13 5:31pm
      First and foremost, I continue to write my Magic: the Gathering blog . I'm rather proud that I've kept it up this long. I'm also working on that Baron Phobos story that I keep saying is almost done.... more
    • The project list (and a question)Tomash, Sat Jan 13 5:28pm
      Aka, the pile of files I have open that I could see getting bigger at some point. - Honors thesis (the experiments are done, I just need to write the thing, due by May) - An interlude set after the... more
      • The "Middle Section Lull"TripleDES, Sat Jan 13 9:14pm
        -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA512 I end up with that middle section lull pretty often, since I find that starting a story and finishing it are the easiest parts. It's everything... more
    • What I've been up toTripleDES, Sat Jan 13 12:17pm
      -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA512 Hey Thoth, I recall you've seen my own sort of take-on-the-PPC-that-isn't-a-PPC-spinoff; I've considered rewriting it to more closely resemble the PPC... more
    • Imma dabbling in my own universeMatt Cipher, Sat Jan 13 11:49am
      And by that I mean I'm stuck in the World Builder's Syndrome, unable to even write an opening, but spending hours nitpicking every possible aspect of my universe. . . . . . Send help.
    • A song!Neshomeh, Sat Jan 13 11:26am
      The first bit of this popped into my head almost fully formed while I was in the shower a few days ago, and the second bit followed fairly easily. Then I spoke about it with a friend of mine who is a ... more
    • Still trying to figure out characters for a Permission run.The Good Mod Addict, Fri Jan 12 8:27pm
      Yes, really. I know I haven't actually edited the document in over a year, but Real Life happened and then I decided to get rid of one character because they were pretty flat. I'm just trying to... more
    • I have been writing: Things!Scapegrace, Fri Jan 12 1:46pm
      In a less facetious sense, I've been working on stuff for my degree. My first major assignment, a 1500 word essay and accompanying 500 word critical reflection concerning how colonialist ideology... more
      • Colonial ideologiesTripleDES, Sat Jan 13 10:38pm
        -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA512 I'm quite interested in this, even though I'm not involved in social studies or any literary analysis and have no formal education in literature or... more
      • That all sounds awesome.Neshomeh, Sat Jan 13 11:32am
        I'd be interested in reading the essay and reflection, if you're able to share it. Also interested in writing advice! ~Neshomeh
        • Have the essay!Scapegrace, Sat Jan 13 7:28pm
          How is speculative fiction influenced by colonialist ideology?
          • E-mail sent (nm)TripleDES, Mon Jan 15 11:30pm
          • Cool!Neshomeh, Sun Jan 14 1:19pm
            That was an interesting read. I struggled a bit to make the connection between colonialism (which I understand as the act of going out and taking over places that don't belong to you—does it... more
            • Sad PuppiesRemnantShadow, Sun Jan 14 6:20pm
              Sad Puppies is essentially a voting campaign that tries to influence the outcome of the Hugo Awards. People involved basically nominate books that don't contain "heavy handed messages", and believe... more
          • Thanks!TripleDES, Sat Jan 13 10:41pm
            -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA512 Thanks! I'll have a look. I'm not sure I can offer much feedback or discussion on it, since again, I don't have any sort of background in these sorts... more
      • The suns never set on the human empire...61516, Fri Jan 12 6:13pm
        The mention of an essay on SF colonialism caught my eye. I personally think there is nothing morally reprehensible about establishing settlements on uninhabited worlds. In the unlikely event that a... more
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