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Legendary badfics
Sat Jan 13, 2018 8:32am

This came up in the chat, and seemed worth posting about here.

Most of the Legendary Badfic list is missioned or being missioned. A good portion of what's left seems to have fallen off the Internet (see, for example, Cho Chang's Desires, where almost all the Google hits lead to ... us).

Is this just because there's no more Legendary Badfic left out there, or that the criteria are a bit strict? Maybe.

However, a much more likely possibility is that we just haven't gone looking. The list hasn't been added to in years. (It probably doesn't help that fandom has moved from where it used to be years ago, and we as a community/broader movement within fandom didn't move with it all that much, IMO.)

So, what's Legendary these days? If anyone, especially some of the newer Boarders, has some insight, please do post, even if it doesn't quite meet the standards we set back in 2016.

- Tomash

    • General lack of objection.Neshomeh, Wed Jan 17 10:41am
      I think everything that's been mentioned so far has come up before, and I have no objection to any of them going on the list. The more I think about it, the more I realize it's no skin off my nose... more
    • I've already asked about this before...SkarmorySilver, Sun Jan 14 10:13am
      ...but "Latias' Journey" seems like a good candidate. It has at least three pages of hits on Google, it was published between 2004 and 2009, has its own TV Tropes article, and is pretty well known... more
      • Speaking of Latias' Journey...S.M.F., Fri Jan 26 12:12pm
        Y'know how Brave New World (the sequel fic) is on hiatus? Well, Ri2 said he'd get back to it after finishing Sonic Origins... Which just wrapped up this week. So, there's that to consider. Speaking... more
      • I've got Four worth mentioning.Mikelus, Tue Jan 16 1:50am
        One from Naruto: Chunin Exam Day seems like a pretty good candidate. Published between 2007 and 2010 and still heavily referenced on various sites within the last year, it fits all the qualifications ... more
        • Hpmor61516, Tue Jan 16 9:45pm
          I have read Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, and I think it shouldn't be added to the list of legendary badfics. It may have problems, but it's not exactly Little Miss Mary.
          • I'm going to join the objectionsTomash, Wed Jan 17 10:56am
            by pointing out that, unlike the other candidates, HPMoR is much more divisive. It's way easier to find people who like the thing that it is for, say H^30. So we should probably leave that one alone... more
      • Legendary Badfic SuggestionsLonelyStar, Mon Jan 15 9:34pm
        I've suggested My Little Unicorn and The Conversion Bureau as potential legendary badfics, but that seemed to peter off.
    • And thus do I submit...Thoth, Sat Jan 13 11:14pm
      A 40k Potential Legendary: Squad Broken ( ) (NSFW, NSFB), uploaded to in 2011, but seemingly around long before then. Almost certainly a... more
    • In my humble self's opinion...Matt Cipher, Sat Jan 13 11:18am
      The term 'Legendary Badfic' is exactly that - a story that is widely known for being so bad there is little to no people saying good things about it. (Granted, before joining the PPC, I myself only... more
    • Of the criteria...Neshomeh, Sat Jan 13 11:10am
      I think the most important bit is that lots of people have to be talking about it across the fanbase. It doesn't necessarily mean everyone will have heard of it—that's why we came up with the... more
      • Since we're on the subject: BRN?Neshomeh, Sat Jan 13 11:53am
        I'm a little unsure as to whether it still meets the required "five in twenty" Google hits for the past year , since a lot of the returns are Know Your Meme and various video hosting sites that seem... more
        • Weren't we just waiting for it to reach 5?Seafarer, Sat Jan 13 2:59pm
          Because, I mean... it has fan animé. And KYM is for, well, memes - major social phenomena. It must be nearly five years old now, right? I say go ahead and add it.
          • True.Neshomeh, Sat Jan 13 4:41pm
            If there are no objections, I probably will. ~Neshomeh
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