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Sat Jan 13, 2018 10:11pm

I found a website which generates badfics. I think this could be of use to the PPC.

    • Oooh, they have Farscape!Neshomeh, Mon Jan 15 9:06am
      This... this is too perfect. {X D --- "John, I have been watching you while you did some pop culture referances. Your skilled. VERY skilled." "Oh, yes, John is great at it" said AERYN. "INDEED. maybe ... more
    • Laggy and buggy on Firefox.Anonymous, Mon Jan 15 5:53am
      I can't select text, can't scroll smoothly without some poorly-coded Javascript causing it to lag, and to be quite honest it's practically unusable without opening the page in Reader View. Anyways,... more
    • Oh, I remember this thing.Zingenmir, Mon Jan 15 5:07am
      It's actually been brought to the Board before; I don't remember exactly when, or who found it, but it was a number of years ago and we had a lot of fun with it. I might even have some of the results ... more
    • Oh yeah, I've seen that! It's pretty great.twistedwindowpane, Sun Jan 14 5:54pm
      Except one time it randomly gender-bent Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader? Ah, well, so do badfic authors. -Twistey
    • Interchangeable charactersClersyn, Sun Jan 14 3:27pm
      I was wondering how the generator would attempt to customize the story to different characters, before I realized that it didn't have to - because it is emulating something where people tend to act... more
    • This should be entertaining (nm)Guards, Sun Jan 14 11:35am
    • Oh my stars, this is golden!Matt Cipher, Sun Jan 14 10:03am
      Harry Potter: "Who are you guys anyway?" "Yo, yo, yo I am Snape" said Snape, pretending to be cool. "Yo, yo, yo I am Voldemort" said Voldemort, who was actually really cool!
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