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Episode 4: A New Prompt
Thu Feb 8, 2018 3:11am

Yes I'm back with a new prompt, because, hey, I enjoy doing them, and even if it doesn't get people writing I like to think it at least gets people (including me) thinking. So today's prompt is going to be slightly different, and it is:

'Your characters are training.'

Let's see what we get.


    • "Agents of Places"doctorlit, Wed Feb 14 10:32pm
      Spoiler Warning: Seasons one and two of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. * * * Agent Melinda May walked through the corridors with an even stride. Even without looking anyone in the face, she could tell the... more
      • That was *really fun*.Zingenmir, Thu Feb 22 10:14am
        Seriously, that was a great read. And if you ever write a sequel, I will happily read that, too. Also, just--really nicely done! Both the PPC characters and the AoS characters shone in this. ~Z
        • Thank you! Glad you enjoyed!doctorlit, Fri Feb 23 7:36am
          I'm semi-thinking of expanding this into a proper interlude someday, but it hasn't quite solidified in my mind yet . . . AoS is definitely my favorite part of the MCU, simply because we've had so... more
      • *LOLs increase* (spoilers?)Neshomeh, Wed Feb 14 11:21pm
        First I was like "Huh, doc's going for fanfic. Cool." Then I was like "Nah, there's a twist coming. This is gonna be a PPC agent." And I was right, and I was happy. And then it kept going , and just... more
        • Re: LOLsdoctorlit, Fri Feb 16 7:35am
          Gosh. I'm glad you liked it so much! This kind of dashed itself out under my fingers in the couple of hours before bed, so I wasn't really thinking of it as anything particularly good. I, uh, I... more
    • Answering an older prompt.Neshomeh, Mon Feb 12 4:57pm
      Because I'm slow and sometimes things have to cook in my head awhile before I can do anything with them. Prompt: "When will I see you again?" “It would be you.” Sebrin stood in the doorway to the... more
      • Re: promptdoctorlit, Wed Feb 14 10:22am
        I love all the little details you drop into the narration. Without having read any Pern yet, it's still clear to me that this scene is taking place in a detailed setting, and not some generic fantasy ... more
        • Detailed setting.Neshomeh, Wed Feb 14 12:10pm
          The Harper Hall is one of the most detailed places in the series. And your mentioning it made me realize I mucked it up—journeymen have their own private dorms. That's what I get for writing... more
      • Re: Answering an older prompt.Zingenmir, Tue Feb 13 4:49am
        It took me a few minutes to catch up to the 'right, that's *Derik*' realization (it's been a while since I read anything Pern, so I very much needed the note at the end to get me thinking in the... more
        • His first-best instrument.Neshomeh, Tue Feb 13 9:09am
          That's his voice, of course. Who made it is debatable, but Master Shonagar certainly had a hand in fine-tuning it. {= ) I'm glad you got that emotional dissonance, because the contrast between how... more
      • Heh...Thoth, Mon Feb 12 11:03pm
        Well, I enjoyed this a lot. I mean, I don't know Pern at all, so I don't think I fully understand it, but I did enjoy it. Not really much else to say. Don't have any real criticism at the moment.... more
        • Cheers. {= )Neshomeh, Tue Feb 13 9:27am
          Your response to this prompt is what pushed me into really thinking about what Derik's honorable selection into his elite fighting force was like, but yeah, the basics were going to be the same no... more
          • Which is an important difference...Thoth, Tue Feb 13 10:56am
            The man who was Kannan, in a real sense, doesn't exist anymore. There are fragments of him, but circumstances made Thoth a different man, if he is a man at all (I like to think that he is, even if he ... more
    • Two Approaches to TrainingThoth, Sat Feb 10 3:27pm
      Duck left. Shotgun, machinegun, grendade… Dead again. Restart. Okay, this time right, grenade first... Thoth walked in. Tom closed the program. “Hey, Thoth! Where’ya been? I’ve just been… ahh…... more
      • I liked thisTomash, Tue Feb 13 11:21pm
        Not much to say. Also, Half-Life is such a great and realistic combat simulator. - Tomash
      • Re: promptdoctorlit, Tue Feb 13 10:54pm
        My favorite part of this is that first paragraph. The run-on sentences, with the chains of commas, work well to show that we're seeing Tom's thought process in regards to the actions he's taking in... more
      • Hee.Neshomeh, Sun Feb 11 5:47pm
        I think Thoth is probably being generous with that "significant progress" comment. How sweet. ^_^ Tom should probably not keep poking that spot with that stick, though. Seems like the sort of thing... more
        • Thanks!Thoth, Sun Feb 11 6:59pm
          Yeah... Honestly, this was fun to write, even if the punchline (Tom wasn't actually training) wasn't that great. And yeah, Tom poking there is a really bad idea. But he has no clue what he's doing.... more
    • Cassandra Aubrey and the Valiant CavalierTo The Scapemobile!, Fri Feb 9 9:05am
      "So, we've got a new player this evening, everyone. This is Cassie, she's a DMS agent, and I'd like to welcome her to the Coterie of Light. Say hi!" A chorus of muted "Hi"s greeted Cass as she... more
      • You've made me all nostalgic for D&D.Neshomeh, Wed Feb 14 11:33pm
        I never had a campaign quite like this—most of the funniest stories came from other people's games; Phobos has some great ones—but still. I would hang out with these people, and... more
        • Thank you!Scapegrace, Thu Feb 15 3:13pm
          I just find it amusing that all these fantasy creatures would gather together and play 4E D&D as DMed by an animatronic from the FNAF games. In point of fact, I've actually statted up Thorin -... more
      • That's a very funny RPG sceneTomash, Wed Feb 14 11:21pm
        Just ... yeah. That was funny, and not all that unrealistic either, I'd say (aside from the floffiness of the various players). - Tomash
      • Re: promptdoctorlit, Sat Feb 10 7:43am
        Heeeeeee! This is fun! The mix of characters both playing the game, and the players they've chosen to play. The idea of a reforming Sue who couldn't play without derailing the plot is great and... more
    • A struggle of epic proportionsMaxewell, Thu Feb 8 8:52pm
      Harris was strewn across the leather couch. There he lay, in front of the T.V., and behind the coffee table. Another episode of "Friends" was about to autoplay. "Alexa, how many seasons of 'Friends'... more
      • Re: promptdoctorlit, Sat Feb 10 7:31am
        A character study in laziness and irresponsibility. I think this Harris fellow may be my opposite! We'd best never touch, as it would be a reaction like dark matter touching solid material.... more
    • "Incendio."Iximaz, Thu Feb 8 6:07pm
      Ix pointed her finger at the candle in front of her, eyebrows drawn together as she focused. Charlotte yawned, swinging her legs from her perch on the countertop. "You wanna watch a movie or... more
      • Micro-reviewTomash, Sun Feb 11 9:58pm
        I liked this, generally. The Ix/Charlotte interaction was nice. My one item of concrit is that I could've used a bit of Ix's thought process when she decided to take a break and watch the movie. The... more
      • Re: promptdoctorlit, Sat Feb 10 7:27am
        Very cute! Even in such a short story, these two have such good dynamics. Good seeing Agent Ix in a more positive state of mind, too. —doctorlit, wandless
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