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New mission!
Fri Feb 9, 2018 3:42pm

Ix and Charlotte experience their first time in Torchwood.

    • An attempt at the reviewTomash, Thu Feb 15 7:50pm
      - I wonder whether or not the choice of link text is significant ... - Ok, those Overwatch usernames are nice - The swordfighting training was a cool thing, and you did a good job of showing... more
    • Thoughts.Hieronymus Graubart, Thu Feb 15 7:58am
      Torchwood atmosphere or testosterone? Fwai appeared to be more confident before they entered the fic, so it must have been the latter? Or there may be factors at play that Fwai doesn't even think... more
      • Thankee.Iximaz, Thu Feb 15 12:38pm
        I went ahead and cleaned up Neverfree. Has it really been a year since that happened? Yikes. Agent Ix came out during the last interlude I wrote, so it was pretty recent. As for the confidence—a lot... more
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