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Another round of Prompts
Thu Mar 8, 2018 2:40pm

So, because the shipfest thread is somewhere down the page I thought I'd link the prompt in with it (because, yes I do pay attention to the rest of the board).
This fortnight's prompt is:

"(At least) One of your characters is preparing for/on a date"

I will actually post a prompt reply this time I swear. (and hopefully it'll be prompt-ly ba-dum tsh)


    • Play DateIximaz, Mon Mar 12 12:31pm
      "Where're you heading?" Lorson asked, pausing his movie and looking around. Dax froze, hand on the doorknob. "Oh, you know," he said airily, "just off to see somebody." Lorson wrinkled his nose.... more
    • Cassandra Aubrey and the Big DateScapegrace, Sat Mar 10 11:57pm
      "You know, ya really should've planned for something like this." Cassie fixed Em with a withering glare. "How the hell was I supposed to plan for this? Tell me, O wise one, that I might learn your... more
      • The one thing I have to ask...Thoth, Sun Mar 11 7:03am
        Are the sweatpants there just because Nesh said nobody would wear them on a date? Anyways, yeah, this is great. Like, so good I kinda wish I'd thought of it.
      • Flying Featherduster!Hieronymus Graubart, Sun Mar 11 6:52am
        You totally got me there, until realization hit at the last line. Awesome, Scape! HG
        • Thank you for saying so!Scapegrace, Sun Mar 11 12:14pm
          I think, upon rereading, I could probably have tightened up the references a bit more so that the ending was even more of a surprise, but yeah. Thank you for the kind words. =]
      • *spittakes*Iximaz, Sun Mar 11 12:02am
        Scape, you mad troll. I love you.
    • "You ready?"Iximaz, Sat Mar 10 9:57pm
      Ix knocked on the door of the bathroom before fiddling with her tie. "Our reservation's at seven, and we still have to make it down to New Cal." "Gimme one more minute," Charlotte called. Ix sighed... more
      • How cute!Delta Juliette, Sat Mar 10 10:02pm
        Ix being dapper is always a delight- and as ever, I love how you write her nervousness!
        • ^-^Iximaz, Sun Mar 11 12:26am
          Hopefully she's starting to get towards the point where she's not scared to show her face in public. Actually, I might have to recycle this prompt for an interlude at some point...
    • Paint the Town GreenNeshomeh, Sat Mar 10 12:47am
      "Okay: how do I look?" Gall stepped out of the bathroom and spread her arms. On his cot, Derik lowered The Tempest and rolled over to his right far enough to look at her without twisting his neck.... more
      • Hee.Iximaz, Sun Mar 11 10:41am
        Gall's thirsty, and not just for beer. :P Derik in a shamrock thong is not a mental image I wanted or needed. Eeks. (I did want to make her outfit, so I made it! Whee!) There weren't any tankard... more
        • Yee, that's adorable!Neshomeh, Sun Mar 11 3:51pm
          Most of the hits on Google when I looked up "sexy Irish costume" just looked like Generic Tavern Wench var. Green. This looks like it would actually translate into something cute. I love the shamrock ... more
          • XDIximaz, Sun Mar 11 4:55pm
            Darn, I guess that's just a scene I'll have to save for when September's badfic games roll around. As for Derik, I prefer a little more be left to the imagination—especially in a way that won't leave ... more
            • No, not flip-flops.Neshomeh, Sun Mar 11 5:11pm
              That would leave even less to the imagination! *eg* Derik: You've still got both eyes, and the madness lurking in your subconscious runs on a consistent time-table. You win some, you lose some.... more
      • I liked it!Thoth, Sat Mar 10 10:00am
        As usual, Nesh is on-point. I don't have anything to complain about, and I always enjoy a peek inside the head of a character. For some reason, probably because I'm incredibly narcissistic or... more
        • Thanks!Neshomeh, Sat Mar 10 10:46am
          Comparison between works is a perfectly legitimate form of literary analysis. Especially using my work, because I am also incredibly narcissistic. I actually did notice the parts of your piece that... more
      • Oh, and credit where it's due.Neshomeh, Sat Mar 10 12:52am
        Gremlin belongs to PoorCynic, and he helped me work out what exactly she and Gall could be getting up to that would involve fancy dress. Cheers! ~Neshomeh
    • In a Manner of SpeakingThoth, Fri Mar 9 7:41pm
      “‘Ey, Thoth! Where’re you going?” Tom didn’t even look all the way up from his console as the Space Marine walked towards the door. The marine in question was, unusually, not dressed in his armor. He ... more
      • Maaan...Neshomeh, Sat Mar 10 10:18am
        I am ashamed to say this got me worried. I mean, my first reaction was "Bwuh? No way. What's the punchline?" Like, it's right there in the title, it's not even a surprise. And the sweatpants. Nobody... more
        • So... uh... kudos? Yeah, Talia and Tom could potentially go somewhere. Maybe. I dunno. She's not really developed enough yet for me to say for sure. They both very much derive from the same sort of... more
    • Getting ReadyIximaz, Thu Mar 8 3:54pm
      Elanor safe in the Nursery? Check. Zeb sufficiently distracted and out of the RC? Check. TARDIS tidied up? Well, sort of check. It was presentable, anyway. Hair? The Aviator growled out a low string... more
      • Oh, Zeb. {X DNeshomeh, Sat Mar 10 10:37am
        I think you may have inadvertently knocked the bottom out of Ave's denial with the line "she and the Detective had decided to try and make a proper date out of this"—because we're in her POV,... more
        • I don't think so?Iximaz, Sat Mar 10 11:09am
          What I was going for was her thinking "Yeah, this is a date, but it's not a date -date, even if we're calling it a date, because it's not a date, because I am a tsundere and will never admit I... more
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