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RECRUITING: The PPC Bomb Defusal Team
Tue Apr 10, 2018 8:59am

Or to put it less esoterically, on Saturday, April 14, at 3PM EST, I will be in the generic_salt VoIP on the PPC Discord to play Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes. All you will need to participate is a microphone and a copy of the Bomb Defusal Manual, preferably printed. Feel no obligation to look it over early or anything.

If you're joining late, please wait until we're between bombs to pipe up. Don't worry, it won't take very long. And you will know.

If you don't know what Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is, it's a cooperative game where you are tasked with defusing a bomb. In this case, I have the bomb in front of me, and you all have the instructions for how to defuse it. You'll have to talk to me to find out what the bomb looks like, and thusly what instructions to give me to defuse it. I would suggest looking up a let's play of the game if you're interested and want more information.

    • And Everything Went Better Than Expected.Neshomeh, Sat Apr 14 6:01pm
      Having watched some videos of people playing this game, I expected confusion, panic, and lots of explosions. Turns out the first stages of the game aren't that hard! Sure, we had some moments of... more
      • ^_^Thoth, Sat Apr 14 6:49pm
        Part of it is that a few of us had at least seen the game before. This allowed us some common context. Although I've never seen anyone use Cartesian Coordinates for the maze, for some reason...
        • And that makes sense!Neshomeh, Sat Apr 14 8:39pm
          I suspect what went wrong there is that none of us really knew what "Cartesian Coordinates" meant and nobody spoke up right away, which we should have. Since I wasn't directing that module, I just... more
    • I'm in! (nm)The Good Mod Addict, Tue Apr 10 3:59pm
    • Well, how could I not? {= DNeshomeh, Tue Apr 10 10:29am
      We're all going to die, just so we're clear on that score. ^_^ ~Neshomeh
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