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PPC Pokémon Tournament signups (continued)
Tue Apr 10, 2018 9:57am

Rules and participating Boarders can be found here. Again, April 20th is the last day to submit your team!

    • Alright, signups are now closed!Iximaz, Sat Apr 21 12:29am
      I'll get the bracket assigned and set up on Monday!
    • I'm here! Technically!Granz the Ice Cream Monarch, Fri Apr 20 9:22pm
      And I am ready to lose horribly try my hardest! So, here is my team: Gardevoir Gallade Metagross Delphox Swoobat Slowking Malamar I swear I know what I'm doing and this team is actually carefully... more
    • Okay, here's my team.Hardric, Fri Apr 20 2:39pm
      Diancie Gardevoir (Mega) Azumarill Primarina Sylveon Tapu Lele Togekiss We'll see how far it goes...
    • Let's change it up a bit.Novastorme, Thu Apr 19 12:58pm
      I just realise I kinda gave away the whole thing about my MonoElectric team in my last post so I figured I'd create a different one, and also do something a little less one-type-y. So here is my... more
    • TeamNephthys, Thu Apr 19 10:36am
      (Didn't see this new thread, so here's my team again) - Volcarona - Infernape - Victini - Heatran - Torkoal - Charizard - Arcanine
    • I'm aware I haven't posted many battle videosNovastorme, Thu Apr 19 3:09am
      I've just found myself without a lot of time. However, for those of you still thinking about teams and wondering what kind of teams to create, here's my advice. Pick a concept or a move or an ability ... more
      • *combinationsNovastorme, Thu Apr 19 3:10am
        Why do I always make a mistake and not pick it up on second reading? *sighs*
    • Six days left until signups are closed! (nm)Iximaz, Sat Apr 14 12:20am
    • Right, I probably need to do this, too.Iximaz, Tue Apr 10 2:10pm
      Gonna be going for something gimmicky here. No idea how well it'll actually work, but whatever. :P Azumarill Medicham Slaking Cofagrigus Togekiss Rhyperior Blissey
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