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Elections thread 2
Fri Apr 13, 2018 11:01am

Since the nomination thread is rather dead at the moment and about to fall off the front page, it's about time to call some elections and ask for more opinions in others.

First off, I think it's safe to say, Larfen J. Stocke, esq. and Hieronymus Graubart, please come to the podium to receive your official Permission Giver hats! Congratulations, both of you.

Second, to keep all the results in one place, Akrinor has been elected as a Discord moderator for about two weeks now.

Third, I, Tomash was nominated for moderator (which, if it had gone through, would have been my second time holding that position per this post). Given that PoorCynic objected, and not many people actually had an opinion, I'm going to say the nomination fails (barring the case that almost no one actually saw the nomination and a whole pile of people come out to be in favor of it).

Now, on to potentially unfinished business:

doctorlit has six votes below, and the only person who's unsure about the nomination is doctorlit himself, who's concerned he won't be active enough to be a good PG. I'm currently interpreting his post about this as being hesitant about taking the job but not actually turning it down, so I'll say if we get another 5-6 more people in support of the nomination, doctorlit will get a hat too.

- Tomash

    • Two new barons; let the Edict of Bast be invoked.Baron Huinesoron, Sun Apr 15 9:28am
      First of all, let it be known to all that Baron Vixenmage of the Diskord and the Riding has been absent from these shores for a year or more; therefore, to ensure the succour of the Barony, it has... more
      • ?61516, Thu Apr 19 9:27pm
        I, the overenthusiastic newbie, would like to know more about the Union of Plort, and whether I can get knighted.
      • Diskord is where I belong!Baron Larf J. Stockins , Mon Apr 16 3:01am
        Yes, Diskord - with its rolling hills, and misty mornings, and the long fields of rustling grass, and all the wolves and buzzards that are constantly following me around waiting for me to be weakened ... more
        • Let the Edict be pronounced.Baron Huinesoron, Mon Apr 16 10:21am
          The Barony of Vixenmage shall not be divided as heretofore stated; rather, it shall pass in its entirety to Baron Larf J. Stockins. Enclosed by the Meibot and the mountains, bordering the open sea... more
          • The Chronicle of the Election of AkrinorTomash, Thu Apr 19 7:27pm
            In those days, the citizens of Diskord were debating among themselves, for many of them had concerns about the state of the Confederation. "There should be a circle of Writin," many said, "so we may... more
            • Whither Landen-zon?Huinesoron, Fri Apr 20 4:23am
              The classic geography of far-eastern Konti-Nyuum would say that Landen-zon is probably on the coast east of La Wunj, at the mouth of the Nechsiv. That's certainly possible, but it continues to leave... more
              • *glances at map*Tomash, Fri Apr 20 11:03pm
                I think near the Nechsiv would make sense, since that puts the place in Chaett and near a baronial seat. Or we could hypothecically drop a river through Baroness Juliette's territory. Or ... heck if... more
          • 'And away, sir, away!' Baron Larf J. Stockins , Tue Apr 17 10:06pm
            'I can smell the blood on ye, hound! Ye blasphemous wolf, dripping in the blood of the innocent and the wretched! Away, away, I say!' Larf J. Stockins waved his crossbow, his trusty Finch, in the... more
            • You tell me.Huinesoron, Wed Apr 18 3:56am
              Is the general chat section of the Discord particularly abandoned? ;) It seems to be somewhat graffitied, judging by the sheer number of images that show up in every log I've seen, but there's people ... more
              • Can you post the current Plort map here? (nm)Maxewell, Thu Apr 19 1:29am
                • You can have twoHuinesoron, Thu Apr 19 8:27am
                  Here's the full-colour map, which is rather too big to put in the post: The Union of Plort Including at long last and after considerable debate a conclusion to the question of where the rivers of the ... more
        • And thy Flag shall be flown o'er high hill and deep dale-Ye Scape-Grace, Mon Apr 16 7:15am
          Flag of Barony Larf
          • The beauty of it! Baron Larf J. Stockins, Tue Apr 17 9:30pm
            I've not seen such colours captured on mere fabric before! The reds and pinks, as burning as the evening sun, the green and brown, as the fields of dry grass beneath it, billowing in the wind - in a... more
      • Um, yeah, thereís a problem. Hieronymus Graubart, Sun Apr 15 12:55pm
        Apparently Iím mostly a Beytah of the Riding of Sittorese these days (a Rider, not so much, perpetually skipping all of Novastormeís prompts). But Iím also an archivistís apprentice of Wechi. So, if... more
        • This is the Edict of Bast thread.Baron Huinesoron, Sun Apr 15 3:34pm
          It's not the full Council, but if there's disputes over baronies, the barons can argue it out here. The Edict of Bast is enacted without regards to the wishes of the current barons - the formulae... more
          • New Tales of Hieronymus, Part nHieronymus the hermit, Mon Apr 16 4:01pm
            "Lords and Ladies, knights and civilians of Plort, I donít know even half of you half as good as I should, and I donít like half of you even half as much as you probably deserve Ė nah, wrong canon."... more
            • New Tales of Hieronymus, Part n+1 Hieronymus the hermit, Wed Apr 18 8:33am
              Much nearer than the distant forest, a flock of huts and sheds huddled against the landward slope of the Coastal Ridge (which may deserve a better name) Ė the rural village of Reewryght. Does this... more
              • Hieronymous, get back here! Hieronymus Graubart, Sat Apr 21 11:22am
                No wandering into Plort! Go play with Heironymus, Hiernoymous and Hieonymus! HG
          • Meh. Fine.Baron Neshomeh, Mon Apr 16 9:51am
            I finally get to hold all of Wechi, and then my loyal apprentice jumps up and snatches the bit I only just got under control, not to mention my holdings in Sittorese that are just now beginning to... more
        • If you just want a hermitage...Iximaz, Sun Apr 15 2:59pm
          ...and you donít plan on being involved in politics, Baron Iximaz would be happy to give you a plot of land... (All you have to give me in return is your alliance in voting. :3)
    • Alrighty! Larfen J. Stocke, esq., Sun Apr 15 2:25am
      Errr Suppose I'll start fizzling through the PG wiki page, then, figuring what's it we're meant to do with these hats...
    • OMG, slow dooooooown.doctorlit, Sat Apr 14 8:19am
      I'll try to be more explicit. What I was trying to get across with my post is that I felt that it would be redundant to make me a PG, considering all the existing ones, including the two new ones,... more
    • On Doctorlit, another secondingDelta Juliette, Fri Apr 13 9:47pm
      I second Doc for PG- I think he'd do good.
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