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Featured Agent vote?
Fri May 11, 2018 4:06pm

So, I've been lurking on the Wiki and making teeny little edits every so often, and having seen one of my agents on the front page, I thought back to a Discord conversation that seemed somewhat critical of people simply freely putting agents in the Featured Agents bin with the greenlighting of just a couple of people rather than the whole community. In my case especially it seemed too self-serving and unfair to the community at large. Nobody as far as I'm aware has addressed this since then, though, and it's especially telling that nobody's acknowledged the Featured Agent box for months now. Sarah Squall has been on the front page since last year, and I just don't think having the Featured Agent remain unchanged for as great a length of time as it has would look that good (since it might give the impression that people have been favoring a particular agent for way too long).

With that being said, I'm opening up this thread for your thoughts on: 1) the prospect of deciding a featured agent by community vote, and 2) how often to change the Featured Agent page. I think for the latter it used to be every month, but with the stagnation of the feature, I think agents even before Sarah have been featured for longer than that. Also, I'd like to know what qualities the community in general could use to justify a nomination for a featured agent, such as what sort of impression they've left on readers and audiences or significance in-story. This way we won't have to put forth suggested agents out of egotistical favoritism, and the people featured going forward can be reliably viewed as a standard of sorts for what both agents and the Boarders writing them should strive to be.

Obviously, given that I put Sarah on the front page in the first place just so one of my agents could be featured, I'm in a terrible position to nominate anyone at all. But at the very least I hope this discussion can help us as a group think about what it means to be the first character new readers will see once they check out the PPC Wiki for the first time.

With that I'm done rambling for now, and I really gotta get back to panicking over my urgent work deadline. Let the featured agent discussions begin!

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