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It's my birthday!
Sat May 12, 2018 12:00am

And not just any birthday—I'm finally turning twenty-one! I'm now legally old enough to drink in 'Murca! *throws confetti* I can't believe I was sixteen when I joined the PPC... How time flies, huh?

I'm not planning on much, just a few strawberry margaritas, pizza, and Cards Against Humanity with Aegis and friends from high school. Oh, and Reese's tiger pie for a cake. Yum.

But that's not all that's going on—I've got a bit of an announcement to make.

I might not be on the Board a whole lot over the next week because I'm finally getting top surgery done on the 14th! We're having to travel out of state, so that'll be two nights in a hotel (Fun when you're recovering, huh?) and after that I'll likely be pretty out of it.

But in just a few days, I'll be finally, finally getting it done. And I can't wait.

Drinks all around!

    • Surgery update!Iximaz , Mon May 14 4:22pm
      I'm awake, little groggy but doing alright now. Feels good. The surgeon and his team were awesome.
      • Update 2Iximaz , Mon May 14 7:24pm
        I’m feeling loads better than I anticipated, so it looks like I’ll be around! :)
    • Late happy birthday and congrats! (nm)twistedwindowpane, Sun May 13 8:36pm
    • I will wish you a happy birthday regardless of the day.Snowy the Sane Fangirl, Sun May 13 1:58pm
      Time is an illusion. Happy birthday! And good luck with your surgery!
    • Thank you for the well-wishes, everyone!Iximaz, Sun May 13 8:46am
      Birthday was awesome and the margaritas were amazing. :) I'll definitely post an update on how surgery went—nothing graphic, though, I promise. Here's hoping I'll be able to hang around while... more
    • Happy Birthday!61516, Sat May 12 8:40pm
      I bid you well, most currently most prolific PPC writer.
    • Happy Birthday!Ozzielot, Sat May 12 8:10pm
      And good luck with the surgery!
    • Happy Birthgery! (nm)Larfen J. Stocke, esq., Sat May 12 7:57pm
    • Happ Birth! And surgery! =D (nm)S.M.F., Sat May 12 2:45pm
    • Happy birthdayCodeCom, Sat May 12 2:34pm
      Have a cake. I hope the surgery goes well.
    • Happy Birthday!OpinionedAngel, Sat May 12 1:46pm
      Good luck with the surgery too. When you get out, have a super-special birthday cupcake! It's chocolate with chocolate chips and chocolate icing!
    • Happy Birthday!Ren, Sat May 12 11:30am
      We're the same age, you and I. Yes, we are. Heh. Congrats on your getting Legal Drinking Age batch. And I wish you good luck on your surgery!
    • Happy Birthday! :D *tosses Spikes*SkarmorySilver, Sat May 12 10:52am
      Best of luck with your surgery, and whatever you're planning to finish afterward, I'm sure everyone's gonna be HYYYYPED. :) Here, have a celebratory Tabby Slime from Slime Rancher ! "Those stripes,... more
    • Happy birthday!Hardric, Sat May 12 1:53am
      If you want more cake, I have a black-hole chocolate one with red berries coating. And red berries fruit juice. Or kir for celebrate 21st birthday. Also, good luck with your surgery operation.
    • Happy BirthdayClersyn, Sat May 12 1:41am
      and congratulations! I know I don’t really know you well, so perhaps it is an odd thing to feel, but I am still excited for you. I hope you have a wonderful birthday, and good luck with your surgery!
    • Happy Birthday!Maxewell, Sat May 12 12:27am
      It's been a good year or so that I've known you, and I've gotta say, when I met you as a newbie I was a bit terrified, but now I've got a massive load of respect and consider you a friend. With that, ... more
      • Thank you!Iximaz, Sat May 12 12:34am
        And I'm glad to know I'm not considered a scary oldbie anymore. ;) Here's to another good year of grouping on fireteams!
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