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A fistful of Prompts
Mon May 14, 2018 2:11pm

Don't ask where the subject line came from... it just did.

Anyway, after some careful experiments (questions) with my guinea pigs (those who frequent the writing channel of Discord) I've decided to (relatively) regularly run two prompts until I a) forget or b) run out of prompts. The two prompts for this week are:

Prompt 1: "Break time!"


Prompt 2: Running late

PS If you want to write a prompt from a previous thread like Zing did last week, go for it. Just let people know else some may get confused.
PPS I told you I'd write one last time. Let's see if I can write two this time.
PPPS Let's see how Ix turns one of these into angst this time :p

    • Advanced Warning!Novastorme, Tue May 22 3:54pm
      Unfortunately this isn't a prompt. My laptop is not working at the moment, and I don't have an ETA for it getting fixed. While I do have the family computer to use when I can, I can't use it... more
    • Claws, and other downsidesThoth, Wed May 16 9:44pm
      “Daggeeeeeeeer!” The dragonborn looked up from his bench, adjusting his glasses as he did so. The lamplight gleamed off his bronze scales. “What is it? Can’t you see I’m working?” Talia, for her... more
    • 'Oh, dear, we seem to be late.' Larfen J. Stocke, esq., Tue May 15 7:26am
      ' Are we really, Bingle? ' 'Oh, yes, quite certainly, Finch. In between checking this watch of mine, and checking our, frankly, unnecessarily large collection of prime condition wall clocks-' ' Your... more
      • PfftahahahahahahahaThoth, Tue May 15 8:39am
        Every line of this was full of comedy and whimsy. And I love it. Favorite line: "Finch didn't even look up from his magic eye book, which he had scientifically determined to be (as of now) the single ... more
        • It's all 100% grade A accurateLarfen J. Stocke, esq., Tue May 15 9:16am
          You ever read one've those? Those things'd distract me from escaping from a sinking cruise ship. They're insane, man. Anyhows, blimey, it's nice to get back into writing whimsy goofiness. The last... more
    • Prompt One: Break TimeSnowblaze, Tue May 15 4:33am
      There had been no new missions for an hour and a half, which was extraordinary. The only problem was that the Ironic Overpower was guaranteed to give Edward and Kat a mission within the next few... more
      • Concrit Hieronymus Graubart, Tue May 22 9:09am
        As far as I can determine, Kat said both lines in the sequence: “Whatever. I’m so bored I think I want a mission.” Kat would probably regret that as soon as they did. “Shall we play a card game?” Why ... more
    • You want angst? You got angst!Iximaz, Tue May 15 12:18am
      The bell rang and the students began packing their things, chattering excitedly. She kept her head down, flinching when she felt Jessica's elbow jab her in the side as she passed. It could have been... more
    • Running LateCalliope and Mikelus, Mon May 14 7:56pm
      Ce’rana of Borune forced herself to focus on the book in her hands one more time as she picked up her pace. The halls of HQ weren’t the most cooperative thing, and neither was the IO; both had tossed ... more
      • Nitpick Hieronymus Graubart, Tue May 22 9:29am
        ... a chance encounter with another Agent that started with her wandering straight into him and ending with her having to go back ... This should be "ended". HG
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