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Time for a wedding interlude!
Sat Jun 9, 2018 6:06pm

Yep, the time's finally come for Charlotte and Ix to tie the knot.

A huge thank you to Delta Juliette and Zingenmir—and their agents—for helping out with this one.

    • I haven't read every mission with these two...Snowy the Sane Fangirl, Thu Jun 21 11:31pm
      And I certainly haven't read them in the proper order. But I still really loved this interlude! It was really sweet, and it's always nice to see something go right for agents. They usually have to... more
    • I remember reading their first missions...Hardric, Tue Jun 12 2:33pm
      And the hints of shipping present from the start... until the 'hints' part was dropped. Dang that was a long road. Makes the conclusion that much sweeter. Congrats for this interlude.
    • Re: interludedoctorlit, Sun Jun 10 4:30pm
      I like that this wedding was so small and quiet and sweet. After everything Ix and Charlotte have been through, they deserve a moment like that. I also like that it leads with Ix seeing herself as... more
      • It does help that Ix has started getting some scar treatment for her face, but mostly... she's just finally accepting herself. It only took her twenty-some odd years to get there, but it happened.... more
        • You did say that! I remember!doctorlit, Sun Jun 10 10:25pm
          Waaaaay back when you posted their intro interlude . . . Wow. Long-term plans! That page must be from The Witches ? I saw the movie, but I have a copy in my house I haven't read yet. I like the... more
          • Actually...OpinionedAngel, Sun Jun 10 11:56pm
            I think that images is from "The Twits" (yes, that's what it's called). Was not expecting a Roald Dahl reference though.
    • AwwwwwwTomash, Sat Jun 9 9:03pm
      Charlotte and Ix are so cute together! This was overall a good heartwarming interlude. Olivine's officiating was also a well-put-together speech. I liked the "never officiated a wedding before" bit.... more
    • Ficlet Response: Taming of the StrudelMatt Cipher, Sat Jun 9 8:49pm
      "So, how may I be of service?" Chef Matt leaned against the kitchen entrance. He wore a stained apron that seemed to hug his corpulent body a little too much, a bandana on his head, and his glasses... more
    • Congrats!OpinionedAngel, Sat Jun 9 8:07pm
      These two have certainly earned this! Now let's raise a glass to the happy couple! To your union and the hope that you provide, may you always be satisfied! (Yes, that was a Hamilton reference.... more
    • aaaaaa!Delta Juliette, Sat Jun 9 6:14pm
      I still love Olivine's speech- it's sweet and to the point.
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