Remove all of my works.
Sat Jun 9, 2018 9:19pm

It came to my attention a few hours ago that against my desires one of my works was linked on TvTropes, which as this community historically knows makes it impossible to remove anything from once it's been added to their site.

Thanks for enforcing your claim to my existence against my will and continuing to force the connection to this community on me, especially considering this was posted to that site well after you as a group went out of your way to lead a witchhunt on me, dox me, and do your best to destroy my reputation and ruin my life in general.

I'm so displeased about this I don't even have the words to properly put it down via keyboard.

I'm declaring all of my works out of continuity immediately, removing everything I can personally access, and expect all articles and links on the wiki and elsewhere to be appropriately purged.

    • Done by author request.Huinesoron, Sun Jun 10 5:04pm
      July obviously has the right to request this, as would any other current or former PPCer (though heaven help us if Jay or Acy ever try it...!). The Wiki pages for all of July's characters that I can... more
    • ((Note for people))Hardric, Sun Jun 10 4:52am
      The link mentionned was on the Awesome page of the PPC, and I tried to remove it, explaining it was very much unwanted. We'll see if this holds.
      • I'd also want to ask a question...Hardric, Sun Jun 10 8:20am
        July... Are you sure the person who created this link was a member of the PPC? I mean, editing a Tv Tropes page isn't something limited to the members of a community tied to the subject of the pages, ... more
        • Um... hiOpinionedAngel, Sun Jun 10 12:07pm
          I'm the Otaku Ninja over on Tv Tropes (I have multiple handles across the internet, I guess I just got into the habit.) I'm surprised July doesn't want it on there, but if I need to, I will remove... more
          • Apology accepted, plus explanationJulyFlame, Sun Jun 10 4:44pm
            When the first parts originally went up, someone brought up linking it on TvTropes. I said no, because I don't like the website for a variety of reasons. While I understand you might not have seen... more
            • Well...OpinionedAngel, Sun Jun 10 8:39pm
              I don't remember seeing that post, so I honestly didn't know you had an issue with the site. (Nor did I know you had a bad experience with it...) I could have said nothing, but I figured it would be... more
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