Happy birthday to me!
Mon Jun 11, 2018 8:48am

I'm 33. Woo.

So far, I've received cat puke and the death of net neutrality. Somebody please give me some good news.


    • Present: a bottomless journal and matching bottomless pen.twistedwindowpane, Sun Jun 17 6:05pm
      No need to explain why that's great. ;) Happy birthday. -Twistey
    • Thanks, everyone! (nm)Neshomeh, Tue Jun 12 11:05pm
    • Happy birthday! (nm)Tomash, Tue Jun 12 2:32pm
    • Happy birthday! (nm)Delta Juliette, Tue Jun 12 12:07pm
    • Happy belated birthday!Scapegrace, Tue Jun 12 8:02am
      I know it's not a fire lizard, but this little smasher is Draco volans , a species of gliding lizard from Southeast Asia. pls accept. =]
    • Happy late birthday!Hardric, Tue Jun 12 2:52am
      Because you don't just require cheers on the big day itself. Have a black-hole chocolate cake, with optional red berries coating. Also, quick question: In the interest of keeping the Pern flavor... more
      • If I can use a flamethrower, yes.Neshomeh, Tue Jun 12 11:12pm
        Also, I will have the red berry coating on my cake, thanks! ~Neshomeh
        • Pern continuum, and Threads.Hardric, Wed Jun 13 6:02pm
          Think of it as exercise on the problem 'How many different weaponscan we create on the theme of setting things on fire'?
    • Happy Birthday! (nm)Clersyn, Tue Jun 12 12:10am
    • Happy Birthday (nm)RemnantShadow, Mon Jun 11 10:47pm
    • Happy orbit anniversary!Maxewell, Mon Jun 11 8:46pm
      I hope you'll have a good day, and some good food.
    • Happy birthday61516, Mon Jun 11 8:06pm
      Iloilo, the fabled "brown-out capital of the Philippines," has finally gotten 24-hour electricity thanks to new solar farms.
    • Happy birthday! *blows noisemaker* (nm)eatpraylove, Mon Jun 11 6:25pm
    • Happy Birthday! (nm)Ozzielot, Mon Jun 11 3:25pm
    • Happy birthday! *tosses Spikes*SkarmorySilver, Mon Jun 11 2:12pm
      And if it's any compensation, the FCC would probably have to get past over half the states to have its way and they've still gotta defend their new rules in court. So it's not the end of the world... more
      • That's true.Neshomeh, Mon Jun 11 5:55pm
        The Internet's not going to burn down overnight, and if companies do start taking advantage of people and hurting small business, there'll be that much more fuel for the fire, I guess. Hugs? If they... more
        • I used up my daily Spikes quota, so yes. xDSkarmorySilver, Mon Jun 11 6:13pm
          And while I'm at it, have a Night Fury plushie! I'm sure we could all use something to hug in times as troubled as this one. ^^; (Also, sorry I haven't been able to get us started on our co-write.... more
          • Zomg, too many dorbs.Neshomeh, Mon Jun 11 6:26pm
            A fire-lizard and a Toothless plush now? Too many dorbs, can't handle. *ded* Okay, better now! Funny story: I was poking through my GDrive the other day, went "what the heck is this?", and opened up... more
    • Hap birf!Iximaz, Mon Jun 11 12:01pm
      I'd offer you klah, but it looks like Thoth got there first. Have a plush fire-lizard instead!
      • Yay!Neshomeh, Mon Jun 11 5:49pm
        *snuggles plushie* Is best plushie. ... I'm hugging everyone else, so hugs? ~Neshomeh
    • Happy Birthday!Thoth, Mon Jun 11 11:37am
      Take a steaming mug of klah. It certainly can't hurt. I can't give you anything substantive for your birthday. But I can at least say thank you. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have Permission,... more
      • 'Scuse me, got something in my eye.Neshomeh, Mon Jun 11 5:45pm
        I'm... squinting at you critically for not paying attention in class. Yes. That is certainly in character for me, because I definitely haven't been enabling that sort of thing at all, and I was such... more
        • Aww... *hugs.*Thoth, Mon Jun 11 8:21pm
          It seems like I'm good at warm fuzzies. Somehow. I dunno how. I have a boring Nord because I'm boring. He was half-naked once (I installed SoS for the lulz. The removed it once the humor wore off).... more
          • By saying nice stuff, I guess?Neshomeh, Tue Jun 12 11:30pm
            I dunno what mod SoS is. You can definitely run around in just a breech cloth in the vanilla game. People tend to be very displeased with you, though. I went Breton with my first character to take... more
            • I'm playing an Everything HybridThoth, Wed Jun 13 8:38pm
              I mean, I meant to be melee, but Skyrim really pushes you to try and be good at everything. It's a classic CRPG problem. Skyrim is basically a nature walk where occasionally people try to kill you.... more
              • That music is far too cheerful for Riften.Neshomeh, Wed Jun 13 10:48pm
                Sure, it's a beautiful hold with all those pretty late-summer aspens and everything, but the capitol is a wretched hive of scum and villainy. And don't trust that sly git Brynjolf! Even if he calls... more
                • 'Course he's a Tease!Thoth, Thu Jun 14 7:00am
                  He's absolutely the sort for it. Anycase, yeah... I don't think I can RP wel in Skyrim. Or in most CRPGs, for that matter. Maybe FNV or a Bioware game (when I play them, we'll see)? But not a TES... more
                  • True, there's just the one major choice.Neshomeh, Thu Jun 14 2:30pm
                    Well, maybe two. First, Imperial or Stormcloak (or neither). It doesn't make a huge difference gameplay-wise, but picking one does exclude the other, it does alter the political landscape, and it... more
                    • I'll keep that in mindThoth, Thu Jun 14 4:30pm
                      But yeah, Mass Effect or a half-decent dating sim, this isn't.
    • Umm...OpinionedAngel, Mon Jun 11 11:22am
      Would a triple chocolate cupcake (chocolate with chocolate chips and chocolate icing) help? And maybe a hug too? I'm kinda frazzled myself...
      • Ooh, yes.Neshomeh, Mon Jun 11 5:31pm
        That will go very well with my klah . Thank you! I'll split it with you, too, cuz that's a lot of sugar. *hugs* ~Neshomeh
    • /reaches for, offers hugs (nm)S.M.F., Mon Jun 11 9:38am
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