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New Prompts!
Mon Jun 11, 2018 7:39pm

Because no, I couldn't think up a better title.

Anyway, onto the prompts for this fornight, in honour of Nesh's birthday post below and Matt Cipher's Ficlet Response (that I loved), the two prompts for this one are:

Prompt 1: It's your character's birthday.

Prompt 2: One of your characters is trying to cook something.

Hope you have fun with these.


    • Practical SkillsNeshomeh, Thu Jun 21 6:34pm
      Gall thunked her third glass of mead down on the table and stared across it at her partner. “You’ve never cooked for yourself? Not once?” “Why would I?” Derik glowered at her, taking umbrage at her... more
      • More Gall and Derik! Wooo!Thoth, Thu Jun 21 10:42pm
        Have I made it quite clear enough that I like these two yet? I like these two. I kinda just skimmed this piece because jeez is it 10:40 already? But yeah. I like Gall and Derik, and they have a good... more
      • *shipping goggles: activate*Iximaz, Thu Jun 21 9:17pm
        This was a really cute fluff piece! Poor Gall, throwing out hints left and right and Derik resolutely not noticing them. (And now I have a sad knowing they don't work out in the end, because they're... more
        • Whaaat, they work!Neshomeh, Thu Jun 21 10:24pm
          Y'know, when the banter is just banter and not actual fighting... Actually, in all seriousness, the more I play with the ship, the more I see how it can be nearly stable. Not totally stable, cuz look ... more
    • Another yearTomash, Sun Jun 17 9:37pm
      The morning, like all other mornings in RC 112358 over the last few years, began with the sound of bells. Peregrin woke up and read the (Arban) date off the clock tower he'd built in the RC. Two... more
      • ReviewHuinesoron, Fri Jun 22 5:31am
        (This review is offered as part of my new standing pledge , in response to this post of yours. Aura was actually written by Kaitlyn - I've passed your comments on - but I'll take it anyway. :)) I'm... more
        • Thanks for the reviewTomash, Fri Jun 22 4:21pm
          I'm glad you enjoyed reading this. A lot of the overtones you noticed (like the structure of the final thought) weren't things I set out to do when writing, so yay for accidentally doing cool stuff?... more
    • Cooking by the bookMaxewell, Tue Jun 12 8:27pm
      Loosely based off a true story. ------ In a moment of pure and utter shame, Jordan picked up his phone, and called Harris. "Oh hey Jordan, wait just a moment so I can put you on speakerphone. I'm in... more
    • Culinary ExperimentsCalliope and Mikelus, Tue Jun 12 6:32pm
      Ce’rana of Borune glared at the pan as yet another of these thin shells tore and muttered irritably as she was forced to scrape it into the filling garbage can. “Ridiculous thing,” she grumbled,... more
      • The shells tore and muttered irritably?Hieronymus Graubart, Sun Jun 24 11:36am
        Sorry, that was my first thought when I read the first line. But then you built up a terrible tension until I realized, nearly halfway through the story, what Ce’rana was doing. Hmm, crepes. HG
      • I liked (nm)Tomash, Thu Jun 14 10:33pm
    • "Make a wish!"Iximaz, Tue Jun 12 2:12pm
      Elanor looked up at her mother, tiny brow furrowed in confusion. "You blow out the candle and you make a wish," the Aviator repeated. "It's a—ELANOR, NO—" Elanor licked her hand while her mother was... more
      • Short and sweet.Neshomeh, Sun Jun 24 6:49pm
        With all that frosting, how could it not be? {= ) One good point I noticed: I like that you tell us it's her first birthday simply by mentioning the single candle and having Elanor act like a... more
        • :)Iximaz, Sun Jun 24 7:13pm
          Writing Elanor getting older has been... interesting, to say the least. Trying to balance normal baby antics with Time Tot intelligence without her coming off as an overly-creepy child is hard. I'm... more
      • This is cuteTomash, Tue Jun 12 2:31pm
        Sorry I can't really provide more detailed concrit.
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