Speed-Dating RP!
Mon Jun 11, 2018 7:59pm

For both platonic and non-platonic intent, despite the name. All welcome (regardless of Permission status). Of my characters, Jacques Bonnefoy (who kind of spawned this whole thing) is quite available to talk to, by anyone who wishes to show up.

This RP is happening over at the T-Board! The link is here. Come check it out! A more complete explanation of both the RP setting and how it came about is there as well.

And one more thing: I'm interested in collecting, for the Badfic Games, descriptions of how agents would react to being flirted with by a wandering Jacques. A little more detail on that is on T-Board as well. If you'd like to potentially see your agents show up in a badfic to be flirted with, leave me a post! Unsuccessful reactions definitely welcome as well! My goal here is to get a sampling of HQ (and probably amuse us all with the responses in the process).


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