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Zingenmir and SeaTurtle
Happy Canada Day! (+story!)
Mon Jul 2, 2018 7:19am

Are you Canadian? Do you in any way like Canada? Do you just like celebrating things? Well, join us in celebrating Canada Day! We have only virtual food and fireworks, but it's a start!

Although we do have something else...something special. Something fun.

It interlude! In which Naya'Keegan vas Headquarters and the Reader fly the Reader's TARDIS into...well, click and see! We hope you enjoy!

*exeunt, eating maple sugar candies and riding a polar bear and a moose*

PS: Canada Day is, in fact, on July 1st. I (Zing) had an exam and didn't quite get to posting then, so...slightly belated Canada Daaaaay!

    • This made me laugh. (nm)Snowy the Sane Fangirl, Wed Jul 11 4:42pm
    • My love of Turtle's writing (Turtle, if you're reading this, please write up some Alistair and Corellieth shorts, because they are hilarious and I love them and more people should see them) and... more
    • Just wanna say I enjoyed this.Neshomeh, Sun Jul 8 10:44am
      Also, it's good to hear from SeaTurtle again! And I'm with hS: the goose definitely reminds me of Agent Monty. He's a gray goose, IIRC, but this is the Canada AU, so there you go. Clearly the same... more
    • ... what have you done.Huinesoron, Fri Jul 6 9:42am
      That's amazing. XD I don't know what it's going to do to Multiverse Theory, but it's amazing. I'm going to cheerfully assume the goose is alt! Monty , and that he was just doing his job by spotting... more
    • That was good stuffTomash, Mon Jul 2 7:22pm
      The Canadian stereotypes!PPC (and American stereotypes!PPC) were neat places, and I liked the humorous snippet we got of them. Who won the game, by the way? Also, minor note (aside from the thing doc ... more
    • Re: storydoctorlit, Mon Jul 2 2:51pm
      Very fun! I love the sheer silliness of both AUs, even in the fact that they exist at all. I love that you guys incorporated Redwall -style animal agents to represent the wildlife of both countries.... more
      • :DZingenmir, Thu Jul 5 5:24am
        Glad we nailed the goose behaviour! The technicians...well. Rogers and Bell are phone/WiFi/etc service providers, and both...have some issues. I'm pretty sure it was ST's brainwave to make them... more
        • Also, I love the idea of the Canadianized Flowers and other heads! It's amazing how even a little joke story like this can lead to so much world-building, huh? —doctorlit
          • You have no idea.Zingenmir, Thu Jul 5 9:28am
            Though, actually, it's the other way around--we came up with so, so many ideas and then chose a heaping handful to put into this story so that we wouldn't be writing forever. More snuck in anyway. ~Z
    • New fic, eh?Iximaz, Mon Jul 2 11:59am
      That was very silly and I loved it. It was a nice, goofy bit of crackfic that made me grin. (I particularly liked the Shakespear reference—that one made me guffaw.) Happy Canada Day!
    • Eh! Eh!!!S.M.F., Mon Jul 2 9:06am
      This made for a nice little number. X3 I'm glad they managed to escape the goose, as well (those little agents of the Lone Power... per fandom running gag, anyway). So, yes, I did enjoy! =D Thank you ... more
      • That reminds me...Zingenmir, Mon Jul 2 9:22am
        ...I actually have a bit of art floating around for this. If I can figure out a good way to put it up, I will. Apart from that, glad you enjoyed! ~Z
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