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Happy Fourth to everyone in the U.S.! (nm)
Wed Jul 4, 2018 8:50am

    • Happy Fourth of July, USA people!AC, Wed Jul 4 11:32pm
      I'll be the first to admit that we're not doing so terribly well as a country right now, but here's to our ideals of freedom and equality for everyone anyway! They're worth fighting for, and not at... more
    • Happy Independence Day!son_of_heaven176, Wed Jul 4 12:05pm
      And if anyone is in the NYC area, who's planning on going to see the greatest fireworks show in the nation?
    • I mean, think about it. Yes, you could make up your own adorable little laws, with your fancy 'declaration' and your 'constitution' (shame you didn't put some of those points into charisma, what?),... more
      • Some nitpicking...LonelyStar, Thu Jul 5 3:25pm
        1. Aragorn becomes king... and then the narrator promptly gets back to the Shire, which isn't a monarchy. Tolkein knew we wouldn't want to stay after the ceremony was done. 2. Magical Britain does... more
      • Tau shall always be free.61516, a Gue'vessa, Wed Jul 4 5:34pm
        Not every piece of good fiction is about absolute rulers. I stand with the Tau, and the council of Ethereals! Children of Terra, cast off your chains and join the side of good! We have food!
        • Ah: foreigners.Huinesoron, Wed Jul 4 5:45pm
          Hello, foreigners. Would you like one of our flags? And by 'would you like', I mean 'this planet is now part of the British Empire'. Your taxes will be graciously accepted. hS (I think we may now be... more
          • OMG ANOTHER SPACE CAPTAIN SMITH FAN?????Scapegrace, Wed Jul 4 5:59pm
            But yeah, I am convinced that in that crossover the Horus Heresy kicked off because Horus, being a teenage edgelord Primarch, was severely lacking in moral fibre. =] Or possibly the Republic of New... more
            • A Vigorous Restoration of Moral FibreHuinesoron, Thu Jul 5 12:03pm
              The inquisitor stalked the deck of the great hexathedral Malaclypse . Below, the world known as Morlock span through space, serene amid the stars. "Vile!" the inquisitor spat. "I hope your troops are ... more
              • "Chapter Master, since last we met I have slain Nurgle's Daemon Prince, Tulvan the Suppurating, and destroyed an entire Legion of his infernal forces before they could spread vile contagions... more
              • Bowl of tanna, anyone? (nm)61516, Thu Jul 5 5:37pm
                • Clearly a debased and inferior mutated strain.Huinesoron, Thu Jul 5 6:20pm
                  It must be debased, as it is entirely lacking in moral fibre. And it must be entirely lacking in moral fibre, because otherwise the Empire of Man would be far more British, what what? hS, logically... more
                  • ...heck, put some rice wine in it. Now we can talk like civilized people. Perhaps you might like some of this high-quality silk, or these ceramic plates? Note how thin they are, you can just about... more
                    • Decent Sorts, But They Can't Make a Decent Cuppa.Huinesoron, Fri Jul 6 8:17am
                      "Tea? You call this TEA?" Lord Militant General Smit leant down and tapped a blocky button on the panel in front of him. "Could you offer us a few more thoughts, my good man?" he asked. "These Tow... more
                      • "Listen, it's been several hours since anyone shot at us, I'm not going to let that go to waste, Por'Vre. We're not leaving until they've signed these, so you'll have your strange alien food and... more
                      • I'm not surprised Wryght gets intense...Neshomeh, Fri Jul 6 11:39am
                        ... if they're making the biscuits with coca. {X D I dunno if that's or a typo or the actual Gothic-ized word for cocoa/cacao or an attempt at it, but uh. Yeah, that is actually a different thing. Or ... more
                        • :D Oh, it was entirely deliberate. Huinesoron, Fri Jul 6 3:28pm
                          I feel sure that chocolate exists in 40K, but Lexicanum was no help, so I just went for 'slightly vary it'. Originally I went for cacao, but coca was right there ... hS
                    • Tau not T'auThoth, Fri Jul 6 12:55am
                      What, next you'll be telling me the T'au are joining forces with the Astra Militarum to repel an Aeldari strike force. And yeah, I know the deal with the apostrophe. But I'm not accepting the IG... more
              • This entire thread is hilarious and I love it. {X D ... What's this about boiling, though? I was just recently telling Thoth that you don't boil tea leaves, and I do believe I actually used the words ... more
                • Yeah, boiling tea leaves...Thoth, Thu Jul 5 2:09pm
                  I don't think the results would be pretty. Although it occurs to me that I'm not entirely sure what would happen. Tea makes me physically ill anyways. I may as well consider making an awful cup FOR... more
                  • D =}Neshomeh, Thu Jul 5 3:04pm
                    I didn't know you don't like tea. Shock! Horror! Worldview, shattered! Talking—like—Kirk!! Eh. I suppose I'll just have to use virtual hot cocoa instead if the need arises. And I MAY do... more
              • /ahem/
      • hS right now:Maxewell, Wed Jul 4 12:21pm
      • You don't have to convince me, guv.Iximaz, Wed Jul 4 11:55am
        *runs to the airport screaming "TAKE ME WITH YOU!"* Really, though, I'm very much looking forward to returning to your Empire. People have been shooting off fireworks in my neighborhood all week long ... more
      • Stop telling us how to live our lives, DAD. (nm)Snowy the Sane Fangirl, Wed Jul 4 11:30am
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