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Prompts are coming home!
Mon Jul 9, 2018 12:42pm

*starts singing Three Lions*


It's a new fortnight and that means new prompts. Thanks to Delta for indirectly giving me an idea for one of these prompts and Zing for an awesome prompt idea that I may be using next time. Anyhow, on with the Prompts

Prompt 1: Your character completes an initiation

Prompt 2: Tradition, Complicated, Intrigue.

For the second prompt I'm not giving you any context, just try and get those three words into your prompt reply.


    • Cassandra Aubrey and the Very Good IdeaScapegrace, Sat Jul 14 5:47pm
      "Look, it's a really common tradition where I'm from." "I don't care, Cass." "But I thought you'd love to take part! You always say how much you're intrigued by my homefic, this is just what we do!"... more
      • That was well-doneTomash, Mon Jul 16 7:08pm
        I think this response did a good job of telling the story with almost entirely dialogue. I got a good sense of both agents' personalities (well, it helps that you sort of spelled them out :p) too. I... more
      • STANDING OVATION! Even knowing so little about these two agents, this sets up a delightful contrast between them (which one even points out! The likes surprises/likes being in control dualism is a... more
    • Prompt OneSnowblaze, Tue Jul 10 8:18am
      Tiger waited until he had reached the very top of the roof before he looked down. The view was certainly spectacular and the weather was lovely: a bright blue cloudless sky and a cool breeze blowing... more
      • ThoughtsTomash, Mon Jul 16 7:56pm
        Well, the ending was a nice twist, and I overall liked the story. One thing I didn't get, maybe because I didn't read the line about Tiger ruining everything. It felt out of place. - Tomash
      • Awwww. XDS.M.F., Tue Jul 10 4:43pm
        As wonderful as the view was, there was only one place he wanted to be, and that was the one that he’d been foolish enough to leave. I love this sentence in particular - just want to say that. And... more
    • “Why the hell did he choose the third floor?” Creed complained. “It's an abandoned office building, surrounded by nothing but fragging abandoned office buildings. Couldn't he hold the meeting on the... more
      • That was a good action sequenceTomash, Mon Jul 16 8:10pm
        and I liked the ending with the nickname. The change of tone gave a good ending without being whiplash-y. (Also, Shadowrun, yeah?)
      • plastcrete?S.M.F., Tue Jul 10 7:58am
        But really, though, this was great. I could visualize things smoothly as I read along, which is always a good sign. ^^
    • Shenanigans~S.M.F., Mon Jul 9 2:55pm
      /Really, Nautilus, are you sure this is wise?/ CLUNK. "Wise? Hah. This is tradition! " thunk, thunk, clank. /Not any I've heard of,/ came the dark reply. "... Will have been tradition, then? In five... more
      • Hm.Iximaz, Mon Jul 9 4:32pm
        I've reread this a few times, but I'm afraid I'm not really sure what's going on in this. I wish I could leave a better review for you.
        • (That is:S.M.F., Mon Jul 9 6:20pm
          in a different time, if I'd had more guts way back in 2014, I would have written up Permission based on AU versions of these two.)
        • Don't worry.S.M.F., Mon Jul 9 5:31pm
          This one was written more for me than anything. ^^
    • Let's hear it up for prompt one...Iximaz, Mon Jul 9 1:46pm
      The sting of the needle was nothing compared to the agony he’d felt over the past sixteen years. He was a warrior now—no, more than that. He was a champion. He'd earned his tattoos at long last—the... more
      • That was inteseTomash, Mon Jul 16 8:17pm
        So, yeah, Lorson's feelings come across rather well in this and it totally makes sense why he'd be spacing out - and lying about it. - Tomash
      • Daaaang.S.M.F., Mon Jul 9 3:33pm
        Very intense emotions in this one. Some wounds don't really heal - even if their damage is more metaphorical. Also: Loooorsooon. That's one hell of a lie.
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