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Return of the revenge of the Multiverse Monitor
Tue Jul 10, 2018 4:58pm

Yes, friends, rivals, potential customers, we are back! Thanks to the work of our tireless reporters, The Multiverse Monitor is releasing a special midweek abbreviated edition, to bring you the latest news we have obtained from agents. Made with love, care, and excessive quantities of caffeine in as little time as we could possibly spend on it, this special issue is guaranteed to excite.

Pick it up at your local newsstand, or here.


So yeah, with all the MM reporters flying around the Mailbox Game, I figured I'd find a way to abuse the quotes that ensued, in true MM style. Echoing real-world tabloid tradition, this was written over the course of 24 hours and edited relatively minimally. Yes, we checked for SPaG, but we weren't the most comprehensive.

Thanks to Calliope and Iximaz for giving me permission to horrifically defame their agents, to Geema for giving me horrible ideas, to Nesh for helping to ensure my SPaG was up to scratch and allowing me to defame her agents as well, and to all of the above, Tomash, and probably others for being the MM reporters without which this would not exist.

I look forward to hearing what people think.

    • Yes, you read that right. Rita Skeeter (or a cunning replacement who contrived to keep her name?) has made it to the PPC, and is now writing for the Multiverse Monitor. Her mission? To interview... more
    • Oh my gods yes.Calliope, Fri Jul 13 8:05pm
      Alright, this deserves reactions. One of us will post some when we get around to it.
      • Alright, we have reactions!Calliope and Mikelus, Fri Jul 13 10:43pm
        [DTE(g) is as not-busy as ever. Alex walks into RC 369, copy of the Multiverse Monitorís latest release in hand. He closes the door.] Alex: Hey, Ceírana? Did you give an interview for that tabloid... more
        • Haha. Ha. Ha ha ha.The Aviator, Fri Jul 13 10:49pm
          Not so funny being on the receiving end, I know. I'm sorry, I shouldn't laugh. It's just sort of a relief seeing the tabloids writing about someone else these days. You'd think me admitting to... more
          • Ce'rana's indisposed, but...Alexander, Fri Jul 13 10:54pm
            You offered to buy. That basically automatically means yes. At least, I think that's what she was hinting at when she stopped swearing again. I should let her off the tree at some point. I'm not... more
    • Seconding the compliments!S.M.F., Fri Jul 13 11:08am
      This was very entertaining. ^^
    • The agents react.Neshomeh, Fri Jul 13 9:41am
      By which I mean Derik and Gall prety much MST the third article, but oh well. [We open on a table at Rudi's, where DERIK and GALL have just sat down. DERIK pulls out a copy of the Multiverse Monitor... more
    • This was a fun read!Snowy the Sane Fangirl, Fri Jul 13 1:07am
      Tabloids are a guilty pleasure of mine, not because I believe what they tell me but because I like to laugh at how ridiculous some of the claims are. This didn't disappoint! Truly you are a master of ... more
    • Bloody good stuff, mate! Larfen J. Stocke, esq., Thu Jul 12 8:42am
      And, Gawd, would I love to see more of this sorta thing. You really perfectly caught just how trash tabloids are. Every ellipsis gave me a jolly old chuckle, they did.
      • Thanks!Thoth, Thu Jul 12 5:00pm
        Also, I really didn't. I know I didn't, because my eyes didn't start smoking when I read my own writing. National Enquirer is Bad For You.
    • ^_^ Oh, excellent.Huinesoron, Wed Jul 11 9:24am
      Now I have to ask: is this a new (fourth) Monitor , or have the unnamed reporters joined Starwind and Eledhwen on the 'REAL Multiverse Monitor'? It surely can't be the third version, which had... more
      • It's got to be fourth monitorThoth, Wed Jul 11 6:07pm
        It's close to S&E Monitor in style, but I don't think it's quite the right fit for it. Being, as it was, inspired by my half-remembered maybe-reading of the S&E Monitor a very long time ago, about a... more
    • *slowclap*Iximaz, Tue Jul 10 5:05pm
      Think you'll do a sequel once the mailbox game concludes?
      • Y'know?Thoth, Tue Jul 10 5:25pm
        I'm not sure. It's... kinda a tricky sorta thing to do. By the way, if anyone else wants to give it a go... you are welcome to take a crack at it. Heck, that's what I did.
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