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New Young Wizards post!
Wed Jul 11, 2018 8:55pm

Since Tomash did just poke me about this... ^.^

So, for those who follow Diane Duane on tumblr, there's news about the 30-day OTP Challenge!

For those not in the know: a few years back, DD started this canon-fic (not necessarily canon with the books, but very much a part of the YW 'verse) project and has been posting them to her tumblr for her fans to enjoy. Now, she's putting them all in an ebook - which means she'll have to take the tumblr sections down, due to Amazon's policies on hosting book content elsewhere. Fortunately for us, though, the ebook is free! Just follow the links. ;)

Also, we'll be getting even MORE of the OTP snippits in the oncoming months, so that's a treat!

(Feel free to use this post for other Young Wizards things, too. ^^)

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