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Oh, I figure a plurality of human minds . . .
Wed Jul 11, 2018 10:58pm

. . . can eventually come up with ideas for more than 256 multiverses, yeah? And since our scope is limited to what we can imagine, I'm suspect there are far more than any countable number of them. So I'm a proponent of infinite multiverses, myself.

—doctorlit, comforted by the thought that reality is a very big place

  • Multiverse theoryclassicfilmfan, Wed Jul 11 8:33pm
    I think that the 256-multiverse theory is a good compromise between 2 multiverses and infinite multiverses previously mentioned. Canon divergence AUs and fics not marked as AU are located in the... more
    • Oh, I figure a plurality of human minds . . . — doctorlit, Wed Jul 11 10:58pm
    • More multiversesMaxewell, Wed Jul 11 10:05pm
      Somewhat unrelated, but this is a somewhat accurate simulation of everything. From the same people who made cookie clicker.
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