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... And a badfic reporting thread.
Fri Jul 13, 2018 5:17pm

Because there's been a lack of them lately.

Over in the Sofia the First fandom, there's this poor thing - it's still ongoing, and relatively short besides, but the badfic aspects are particularly glaring. A Sofia that acts like Sofia (some of the time) but doesn't sound like her, an untitled book in the Secret Library, anachronistic (or at least World One!Earth-centric) references and geography, typos galore...

And most notably, an uncanonical kingdom (plus two Awesome McEvil villains) and amulet. The worst part? Check the author's note on the first chapter. Though really, it makes me worry for the writer, since revealing real-life information like that is one of the most dangerous things you can do on the Internet - or so I am told. ;)
I can only hope that book was written under a penname...

    • Something I'm just going to point out.Iximaz, Fri Jul 13 5:51pm
      You specifically plugging this fic and drawing attention to the author oversharing information, and adding in "that is one of the most dangerous things you can do on the Internet - or so I am told.... more
      • That is: yes, I apologize.S.M.F., Fri Jul 13 8:12pm
        I said - or at least emphasized - the wrong thing, and made a poor example of myself in the process.
      • Touche, touche. =PS.M.F., Fri Jul 13 5:57pm
        That IS the thing I'm worried about, though.
    • *ClarificationS.M.F., Fri Jul 13 5:36pm
      What worries me is that it's not just the author's book - it's their father's book.
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