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Fill the Plothole
Sun Aug 5, 2018 10:26pm

In honor of Delta's 15th Boardaversary, I figured we should bring back one of the oldest PPC games, Fill the Plothole.

The way this works is that I post a few fanfic titles and summaries that are questionable or maybe just plain weird. Your quest (if you feel like accepting it) is to write something good based in some way off the summary or title. There's no need to claim summaries, and it's more than fine if multiple people write based off one fic.

If you're not happy with your options, please feel free to post more of them, since I grabbed these by skimming the first few pages of recently updated Harry Potter and LotR fics on AO3 (the LoTR section looked pretty good, but I haven't read those books in a while).

So, without further ado:

The Twins Saga-Book one-The Potter Twins (Harry Potter): Series re-write. Harry has a lot more power than he knows about, and a twin he isn't even aware of. What happens when his life as he knows it is a lie and he can't even tell? Will he ever find out and be able to right things? His sister is determined to help him do so. He just has to let her in, and learn to trust a Slytherin.

Harry Potter and the Mysterious Mind Reader (Harry Potter): Danni is a student at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. She has always felt a deep hatred for the famous Harry Potter. Then he catches her breaking the rules, and offers her a deal that she can't refuse. After seeing more sides of the famous figure, she begins to become unsure of her own feelings.

The Star Called Mione G (Harry Potter): Hermione Granger's secret hobby turns serious when Dumbledore decides to use her as a pawn, a distraction and a weapon in his game of warfare. The famous starlet called Mione G might change the course of the war in many surprising ways.

A second chance (Lord of the RIngs x Harry Potter): what if Mandos decided to save Harry Sirius and Snape while simultaneously saving Middle earth.
first fanfic so feedback apreciated

- Tomash

    • FTP: Bot edition61516, Fri Aug 10 5:50pm
      Here are a selection of bad fanfic premises taken from the website The Secrets We Get What if Harry Potter was born? What if Harry Potter had been raised by the Dursleys and had a... more
    • #3: The Star Called Mione G.Huinesoron, Mon Aug 6 6:26am
      Hermione Granger's secret hobby turns serious when Dumbledore decides to use her as a pawn, a distraction and a weapon in his game of warfare. The famous starlet called Mione G might change the... more
      • It's also been a long time for meTomash, Tue Aug 7 4:00pm
        but both Hermione and Dumbledore feel rather like themselves (especially since this is third-year Hermione, who isn't as anti-rule breaking as first-year Hermione was).
      • Its been some years for me, too.Hieronymus Graubart, Mon Aug 6 8:02am
        But Id say you got them spot-on. HG
        • Thanks!Huinesoron, Mon Aug 6 11:55am
          That means a lot, coming from you. ^_^ As it happens, I've just read through your Cyclopaedia page; I really like the captioning you've done in your story. The story itself is by necessity patchy,... more
    • An additionLonelyStar, Mon Aug 6 2:15am
      And now that I've done my submission, I'm going to add a prompt of my own: love the way you lie Draco starts to give in to his urges he has built up towards harry. but will it negatively affect his... more
    • Challenge AcceptedLonelyStar, Mon Aug 6 12:47am
      [Prompt 2] Not everyone admires heroes. Even among those never harmed by them (some people just get so bent out of shape when their evil plans are stopped), there are always going to be people who go ... more
      • Very well done!eatpraylove, Wed Aug 8 4:26pm
        I especially like the cheeky references to Danni's past misadventures; really helps fill out her personality in my head. *gives cookie* I wonder what this would be like as a full-on fanfic...
      • Seconding HGTomash, Tue Aug 7 3:44pm
        This is a good character-focused introduction to a fic that will probably never get written.
      • A good start. Hieronymus Graubart, Mon Aug 6 7:59am
        Now I would like to read the other chapters :-) HG
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