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Another round of Prompts!
Mon Aug 6, 2018 3:31am

Well, I've got two more prompts for you today. One inspired by the weather in Britain at the moment, and the other by something from a little while ago. Hope you enjoy, and remember your answers to these prompts doesn't have to contain PPC character, meaning yes, anyone can write them.

Prompt 1: One of your characters gets dehydrated.

Prompt 2: One of your characters is getting coached.



    • Alright, Prompt 2.Anonymous, Mon Aug 6 6:18pm
      "Back! Back! Left foot back, left foot, keep your right in front! Lead with your right!" Ix yelled, driving Charlotte backwards. Charlotte was starting to flag, but she grit her teeth and raised her... more
      • This was niceTomash, Tue Aug 7 2:37pm
        I don't really have any significant comments, but it's neat to see Ix helping Charlotte with the problems she's having with the switch to human form. - Tomash
      • And that was me. (nm)Iximaz, Mon Aug 6 6:18pm
    • A "Battle" in the Desert (Prompt One)Snowblaze, Mon Aug 6 8:00am
      The desert sun was beating down hard and Tiger was beginning to feel like he was melting. He had been a little thirsty for the last few minutes, but it was only now that he realised that he was... more
      • That was goodTomash, Tue Aug 7 2:43pm
        It's nice to see more of Tiger and get a better insight into his character. I do hope he learns to plan better in the future. Also, I'd say that the ending feels a bit more like the location of a... more
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