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New Driftwood mission ('Skulduggery Pleasant')
Tue Aug 7, 2018 7:06am

As a crucial heads-up: this is absolutely not a mission that requires a knowledge of the canon to read, because... well, I don't know the canon. ^_^ Huge thanks to Scapegrace for her help with this.

It's been over a year since I last finished a mission, and oddly enough the most difficult bit of this one was Agent Kaitlyn's Concrit. You'll see if you read it.

As with all PPC: Driftwood missions, this is a short piece - less than 3000 words. I hope you enjoy it!

PPC: Driftwood - Dead Love

(Google Drive version)

All reviews, however long or short, however critical or not, are welcome, and per my standing promise, if you review my story, I'll review something of yours. If you have something specific you'd like comments on, drop a link in your review; otherwise I'll just try and find something.


    • I read this!Neshomeh, Sat Aug 11 7:48pm
      I... Well, I dunno if I like it. {= ( I enjoyed the characters and their interactions, so I certainly don't dis like it... If it were an interlude about Kaitlyn finding out about POVs and being... more
      • Yeah but POVs though.Huinesoron, Mon Aug 13 7:49am
        No, I know what you mean. The big problem I had with this is that I have no connection to the source material, so it was hard to figure out what to say. I wrote everything down to 'Kaitlyn seriously... more
    • C&Cing this fine mission.Hardric, Fri Aug 10 4:47pm
      "Well-fed?" Kaitlyn pushed off the console with both feet, setting her Galactic Tyrant-brand Executive Pivoting Helium-Cushioned Mobile Throne of Glory rolling across the floor. "You've got red on... more
      • Thanks!Huinesoron, Mon Aug 13 8:00am
        -Kaitlyn received her chair from the Morning Glory, who's the PPC Quartermaster, back in Thorin's Little Princess . -The Pack was established in Kelly the Roman Warrior ; Capitoline Wolves are minis... more
    • Get Psyched...Thoth, Tue Aug 7 5:47pm
      Eeeeee! hS actually published. Lessee... I liked this. A lot. It's not my normal fare for PPC missions, and ordinarily I'd say it had a lot of failings (mainly centering on a lack of description of... more
      • As I've said to Nesh...Huinesoron, Mon Aug 13 7:50am
        ... the lack of commentary on the fic is because I had a great deal of difficulty with it, but I did turn it into a deliberate thing by the end. So I'm glad you liked it! Fear not: General POV will... more
    • My thoughts are on the Pit (nm)Tomash, Tue Aug 7 2:11pm
      • As Thoth says...Huinesoron, Thu Aug 9 4:10am
        ... the A-word is 'Author', pointing back to Kaitlyn's writing-gesture. That joke probably works best if you know about Pancakes! ... I think I'll add a 'the' to the end of the cut-off line, to point ... more
      • I'm about 90% sure the A-word was...Thoth, Tue Aug 7 2:31pm
        "Author." That's a fourth-wall-break and a reference to hS's "Pancakes".
    • Hark! A mission to review.S.M.F., Tue Aug 7 8:49am
      First things first: I don't know this canon either. |D But I have heard about it outside of the PPC, which can only be a good thing. Thing the second: Kaitlyn's got quite a chair, there. I wonder if... more
      • Assorted responses.Huinesoron, Tue Aug 7 11:17am
        I'd actually completely forgotten about Kaitlyn's pen - yes, that is a Young Wizards reference. ^_^ Kaitlyn of course keeps her fictionary on her phone. She just doesn't know the word. ^_^ Yes,... more
        • And now, a review about pancakes~ S.M.F., Tue Aug 7 11:34am
          (Comments are in order, but not one-per-chapter. Very stream of consciousness, here!) Legolas gets possessed by... THE SPIRIT OF PANCAKES. Oh noes! Also, "once more"? I am glad at least one character ... more
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