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Depressingly, thereís a lot more that I hate...
Thu Aug 9, 2018 2:43am

But there are still things I like. Anything new and original is high on the list, as are plot twists I canít predict.

Top of the list of things I hate are plot holes and inconsistencies. I have a habit of spotting them. I donít think I found any in Harry Potter yet, but most others have at least one minor inconsistency. Itís the big ones that are the worst...

Quite high on it is when a series doesnít know when to stop. Thereís very few things more annoying than every single plot point being resolved, the bad guys are dead, and then they make a sequel.

If II keep going any longer this will turn into a rant, so Iíll stop there.

  • Things you like and things you hateSkaterTheDJWolf, Wed Aug 8 3:36pm
    This thread is for sharing things you really, really like or things you really, really hate. For example, I really like stories where the main character is about to lose. The villain has absolutely... more
    • Yep, same hereeatpraylove, Tue Aug 14 5:26pm
      I'm also a sucker for Power of Friendship/Power of Love-fueled victories. And magical girls. And magical girls kicking the bad guy's ass with the power of friendship. You aren't alone in (your... more
    • Depressingly, thereís a lot more that I hate... — Snowblaze, Thu Aug 9 2:43am
    • There are people who do that with Umbridge?Snowy the Sane Fangirl, Wed Aug 8 8:08pm
      I mean, I don't want to see it; I'm just morbidly curious. Along the same lines, one of my favorite things is when it seems like our heroes can't win and they don't see any way out but they keep... more
      • I really like fics that explore character's limits. Have you ever seen the movie The Four Feathers? It isn't much like the book. One of only a few things that I think the movie is better. (Ella... more
      • I knew there was even before I confirmed it.SkaterTheDJWolf, Thu Aug 9 11:21am
        If you can think of it, humanity has done it, no matter how ridiculous or insane or horrible or unlikely it seems. Here's some proof if you're not convinced (WARNING: ALL FICS NSFW):... more
        • Well, that was quite the read.Snowy the Sane Fangirl, Thu Aug 9 4:16pm
          I haven't read any of the fics yet. Not sure if I want to. But I read all the summaries and tags and yup. That was an Experience.
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