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Nice, some of these are hilarious. (nm)
Sat Aug 11, 2018 3:31pm

  • Collection of illustrations for The HobbitTomash, Sat Aug 11 2:50pm
    Thought some people might like this.
    • That's awesome!Huinesoron, Mon Aug 13 7:42am
      I recognise all of the Tolkien images; the Mountain is iconic, though I've always found the sketch of the dwarves to be highly ridiculous. ^_^ The Swedish one is... actually I don't know what that... more
      • The illustrator for that edition was Tove Jansson, whose most famous work is, er... The Moomins. Yyyyyyyyyyyeah. =]
        • Yeah, no, I know.Huinesoron, Tue Aug 14 3:58am
          But I don't think it is the Moomins, is what I was trying unsuccessfully to say. That cover is absolutely ringing a very strong bell, but I don't know what it is. I want to say Vikings, but that... more
          • Bathing dwarves Hieronymus Graubart, Tue Aug 14 11:10am
            The dwarves bathed at the ford from the Carrock (where the eagles left them) to the eastern bank of the Anduin (from where they proceeded to meet Beorn the were-bear). But "Bilbo summoning a storm"?... more
      • I figured you'd like these.Tomash, Mon Aug 13 12:23pm
        One of my first thoughts when I stumbled onto this was "I know hS will be interested."
    • Aw, these are gorgeousLarfen J. Stocke, esq., Sat Aug 11 11:44pm
      My favourite of these might be the Jansson ones but they're all real cool in their own ways. All the unique versions of Gollum are especially interesting and I like all of them (but especially the... more
      • Yeah, but...Huinesoron, Mon Aug 13 7:45am
        ... the Test Tube of Galadriel, though. XD I like the one of Bilbo walking in the forest - Tolkien would approve - and also the shot of Smaug the Golden over Lake-Town. There's an excellent sense of... more
    • Part of this got linked in chat, and I thought it was worth pointing out to everyone. So, a fellow named Austin McConnell made a video complaining about the storytelling issues he found in Harry... more
    • I've seen some of the Russian ones before.Neshomeh, Sat Aug 11 6:57pm
      Still the strangest. I very much like the Japanese illustrations. They most closely match the Dwarves in my head—though unsurprisingly, the Swedish artist comes in a respectable second place. I ... more
    • Nice, some of these are hilarious. (nm) — 61516, Sat Aug 11 3:31pm
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