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Permission attempt part 1
Mon Aug 13, 2018 9:26am

Agent Bios

Name: Colonel Caleb Bradbury

Species: Human

Age: 56

Sex: Male

Home Continuum: An unpublished fanfic based on Daniel Pinkwater's "Borgle".

Personality: Bradbury is what is known as a “character”. He has a strange ability to procure just about anything just about anywhere, and a related ability to establish himself as an authority figure even in situations totally unfamiliar to him.

Appearance: The colonel is a gaunt man, just shy of two meters tall. His head is very round, a feature accentuated by his rather severe buzz-cut. He has a short beard, skin on the brown side, and a generally weathered look. He is a good bit more athletic than one would expect from a man his age, thanks to the medical and cybernetic science of the 2050s.

History: In his many years he has been not just an officer in the Argentine army, but also a grave digger, stamp forger, purveyor of shoddy knockoff products, piano tuner, ticket scalper, blackjack dealer, and many other things. He spent an elliptical number of years (time is elliptical in his home continuum) traveling through space, time, and the other by means of a television-detector van equipped with a Hydramatic drive, partly in search of adventure, partly to escape the repercussions of some ill-thought-out business ventures.

Name: Rasputin Gibbs

Species: Draconian

Age: 24

Sex: Male

Home Continuum: World 1.963, the world that exists in certain conspiracy theories.

Personality: On some deep level, Gibbs wants to be in a Sergio Leone movie. He doesn’t speak much, he wears a stetson, and he seems terminally calm. His interest in cookery according to the Galenic theory is just a bonus. He uses Draconian expressions in his speech, such as the greeting “Bast Chauble” and the philosophical concept of going “even more unto Yark.”

Appearance: Gibbs is a seven foot tall reptilian humanoid with a hunched posture, dark green scales, and a nice set of fangs. He is rarely seen without his stetson, and his eyes hold a look of steely determination that took him years to perfect.

History: Gibbs spent many years working as a security guard in Dulce base, a joint human-draconian military base located under Archuleta Mesa. He held himself to a very high standard, and soon became known as one of the most capable officers on the security team. With this good mixture of skill and expendability, Gibbs was an ideal candidate to send on a test jaunt through the base’s new portal. He came unstuck in space and time, and learned of Sues, or, as he called them, reality-warping entities. When we meet him, he has several unlicensed Sue killings under his belt, and has consequently attracted the attention of the PPC.

    • Part 261516, Mon Aug 13 9:27am
      This is based on the control prompt "we see both agents recruited." Colonel Caleb Bradbury, veteran of thirty years and uncounted battles, was having a very confusing day. He guessed that he had... more
      • Part 361516, Mon Aug 13 9:32am
        This is based on the control prompt "One agent tries to convince another to help with some kind of business venture." As bases of operations went, Response Center 9-unreadable-smudge wasn’t among the ... more
        • Um... hm.Huinesoron, Mon Aug 13 10:23am
          Okay, so here's my thoughts: -I recognise you, you've participated here, all good on that front. -Your spelling is generally okay, though your punctuation is a bit erratic: '“So?” Replied the... more
          • Ok, I'll be back in under 1000 words. (nm)61516, Mon Aug 13 11:36am
            • Well here we are...61516, Sun Sep 9 9:50pm
              Rasputin Gibbs would have felt a lot better about life if he had known where he was, but the featureless corridors of the PPC headquarters seemed intent on getting him lost. On the plus side, Colonel ... more
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