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Ok, I'll be back in under 1000 words. (nm)
Mon Aug 13, 2018 11:36am

  • Um... hm.Huinesoron, Mon Aug 13 10:23am
    Okay, so here's my thoughts: -I recognise you, you've participated here, all good on that front. -Your spelling is generally okay, though your punctuation is a bit erratic: '“So?” Replied the... more
    • Ok, I'll be back in under 1000 words. (nm) — 61516, Mon Aug 13 11:36am
      • Well here we are...61516, Sun Sep 9 9:50pm
        Rasputin Gibbs would have felt a lot better about life if he had known where he was, but the featureless corridors of the PPC headquarters seemed intent on getting him lost. On the plus side, Colonel ... more
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