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One year
Tue Aug 14, 2018 12:12am

Has it really only been one year since I introduced myself here? In that time, I came out, got permission, cowrote a mission with a distinguished PPCer, wrote a lot of stuff here, wrote even more on Discord, made a suprising number of people laugh at the shipfest, uttered the phrase "hot crim-on-crim action," roleplayed a lot, read a ton of books, and made more friends than I could count. On one hand.

So I celebrate this year with all of you as I look forward to the next.

And because I like to inspire discussion and not a flood of (nm)s, take some time here to reflect on something that happened to you this year. It might be me. It might involve me. It might have nothing to do with me. I dunno.

    • Happy Boardaversary! *PFEEP*!twistedwindowpane, Sun Aug 19 8:31pm
      I was gonna say something but I didn't have time. -Twistey
    • Happy Boardaversary! (nm)Tomash, Wed Aug 15 9:06pm
    • Happy Boardiversary!Anonymous, Tue Aug 14 9:23pm
    • Happy Boardversary!eatpraylove, Tue Aug 14 5:20pm
      I wish I had some funny story involving you to share, but I don't, so I'll just reflect on finally graduating from college. *screaming* Just kidding! I still don't know exactly how I want to get to... more
    • Happy Boardday.Hardric, Tue Aug 14 2:39pm
      And yeah, times seems to flow slower than expected... Would be stupid to complain though. Anything to go with the redberries coated black-hole chocolate I'm bringing to you?
    • Salutations!61516, Tue Aug 14 9:15am
      Have a set of slightly holy Imperial Guard (not Astra Militarum) flak armor. I joined the PPC this year. I think this was a good choice.
    • Happy Boardaversary!S.M.F., Tue Aug 14 8:43am
      *throws sealed packets of chocolate confetti everywhere* Also, is it odd that I actually know someone who goes by the name Crim online? I'm glad I get to share a site/message board with you - and now ... more
    • Happy Boardiversary!Iximaz, Tue Aug 14 12:31am
      Itís really weird, because it feels like youíve been around for a lot longer than just a year. *raises toast* Hereís to many more! Youíve been an amazing addition to the PPC and Iím very glad you... more
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