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Re: There are people who do that with Umbridge?
Tue Aug 14, 2018 12:26am

I really like fics that explore character's limits.

Have you ever seen the movie The Four Feathers? It isn't much like the book. One of only a few things that I think the movie is better. (Ella Enchanted and The Princess Bride being the other two I can quickly think of). Anyway, Heath Ledger's character is an officer in the British army back when they were basically appointed from the ranks of the gentry. He was the best at all the drills and practice. Then war breaks out in what seems to be northern Africa. He registers himself as a conscientious objector and resigns his commision. He spends the rest of the movie trying to redeem himself, ending up doing more heroics than any of the others, but still considers himself to be a coward.

A lot of stuff happens and then there is this moment where it all snaps into place for him and he is transformed. That moment is what I like to read about in stories.

I really don't like fics that sexify canonically repulsive characters. (Either personality or physical appearance.)

I do, however, like stories that explore how a character ended up the way they did. A bit of a self brag, but of all the stories I have written, the one that I am most proud of (even if it has the fewest hits) is one that shows the descent of a character from a decent guy to an out of control murderer who has to be killed for the safety of the community. It never tried to make him not a bad guy, just a how did he get to that point? I love stories like that.

  • There are people who do that with Umbridge?Snowy the Sane Fangirl, Wed Aug 8 8:08pm
    I mean, I don't want to see it; I'm just morbidly curious. Along the same lines, one of my favorite things is when it seems like our heroes can't win and they don't see any way out but they keep... more
    • Re: There are people who do that with Umbridge? — Miah, Tue Aug 14 12:26am
    • I knew there was even before I confirmed it.SkaterTheDJWolf, Thu Aug 9 11:21am
      If you can think of it, humanity has done it, no matter how ridiculous or insane or horrible or unlikely it seems. Here's some proof if you're not convinced (WARNING: ALL FICS NSFW):... more
      • Well, that was quite the read.Snowy the Sane Fangirl, Thu Aug 9 4:16pm
        I haven't read any of the fics yet. Not sure if I want to. But I read all the summaries and tags and yup. That was an Experience.
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