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Happy Boardiversary!
Tue Aug 14, 2018 12:31am

Itís really weird, because it feels like youíve been around for a lot longer than just a year.

*raises toast* Hereís to many more! Youíve been an amazing addition to the PPC and Iím very glad you decided to stick around. Itís nice having you here... and I think I might just have to add myself to your list of cowrites sometime. ;)

And... well, at risk of talking too much about myself, a lot of stuff has happened to me this year. Good stuff. Moving on stuff. Baby bro moves into his dorm for the first time tomorrow. I got top surgery and finally feel at home in my own body.

Most significantly to me, though... I move to London on the six year anniversary of my release from the first psych ward I stayed in. At risk of sounding incredibly corny, I went from having no hope to positively bursting with it. Itís kind of amazing how drastic a change itís been in such short time.

Lifeís been good.

  • One yearThoth, Tue Aug 14 12:12am
    Has it really only been one year since I introduced myself here? In that time, I came out, got permission, cowrote a mission with a distinguished PPCer, wrote a lot of stuff here, wrote even more on... more
    • Happy Boardversary!eatpraylove, Tue Aug 14 5:20pm
      I wish I had some funny story involving you to share, but I don't, so I'll just reflect on finally graduating from college. *screaming* Just kidding! I still don't know exactly how I want to get to... more
    • Happy Boardday.Hardric, Tue Aug 14 2:39pm
      And yeah, times seems to flow slower than expected... Would be stupid to complain though. Anything to go with the redberries coated black-hole chocolate I'm bringing to you?
    • Salutations!61516, Tue Aug 14 9:15am
      Have a set of slightly holy Imperial Guard (not Astra Militarum) flak armor. I joined the PPC this year. I think this was a good choice.
    • Happy Boardaversary!S.M.F., Tue Aug 14 8:43am
      *throws sealed packets of chocolate confetti everywhere* Also, is it odd that I actually know someone who goes by the name Crim online? I'm glad I get to share a site/message board with you - and now ... more
    • Happy Boardiversary! — Iximaz, Tue Aug 14 12:31am
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