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Hieronymus Graubart
Bathing dwarves
Tue Aug 14, 2018 11:10am

The dwarves bathed at the ford from the Carrock (where the eagles left them) to the eastern bank of the Anduin (from where they proceeded to meet Beorn the were-bear).

But "Bilbo summoning a storm"? Are you sure this is Bilbo? What is in the valley left to "Bilbo’s rock"? A bridge? Buildings with illuminated windows, mirrored in a lake? If I could unsee what now appears to be a faraway bridge or town, I would wonder whether the background is a thunderstorm or a not so faraway waterfall. I have no idea where and what this is meant to be.


  • Yeah, no, I know.Huinesoron, Tue Aug 14 3:58am
    But I don't think it is the Moomins, is what I was trying unsuccessfully to say. That cover is absolutely ringing a very strong bell, but I don't know what it is. I want to say Vikings, but that... more
    • Bathing dwarves — Hieronymus Graubart, Tue Aug 14 11:10am
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