Anyone got one for me? (nm)
Thu Aug 16, 2018 6:24am

  • PPC Boarders represented by memestwistedwindowpane, Sun Aug 12 5:09pm
    As hS and Nesh remember, I used to make a lot of PPC memes using Walfas. Then I stopped because (among other things) Walfas's create.swf no longer opens in a new tab on my computer, and instead my... more
    • Hmm...Neshomeh, Thu Aug 16 12:05am
      I don't have a good answer for myself. Maybe Chemistry Cat , because cats and puns and science, but I don't do chemistry. hS does chemistry. Or maybe this video? (NSFW: swearing.) It's not really a... more
      • *can't stop laughing at the tea video*twistedwindowpane, Sun Aug 19 8:29pm
        That should be a meme. You are so right. -Twistey
      • But did I tell you the one about sodium hydride?Huinesoron, Thu Aug 16 10:50am
        ... NaH. Or: they say the noble gasses don't react, but neon and flerovium come together just FiNe. ~HUINeSORn (Is this where I start element-spelling everyone's names? ~Hs (=hassium))
        • Sulfur and Fluorine are straightforward, but which M should I use (given, as may or may not have been mentioned before on this Board, it stands for Marisa)?
          • I dunno, what horrible things do you want to do?HUInEsORn, Mon Aug 20 10:09am
            You've already formed Sulfur Hexafluoride, which is apparently a potent greenhouse gas which reacts violently with lithium. So if you were SMgF, you could probably get that kind of explosion from the ... more
            • All of them!SMgF, Mon Aug 20 10:19am
              But this one's also the most fun to pronounce as a word. XD I'm a stinking white fire that eats bones!
              • And exceptionally colourful!Huinesoron, Mon Aug 20 11:14am
                Sulfur, it seems, melts into a 'blood-red liquid' which burns a lovely shade of blue. And fluorine is a yellow-green, heavier-than-air gas. ... I cannot yet draw gases. hS
        • Chemistry!Delta Juliette, Sun Aug 19 12:28am
          You're very familiar with the horrors of dihydrogen oxide, of course. Perhaps less well known, Ignition! is back in print! It's a history of the exciting world of rocket fuel chemistry, with an intro ... more
          • δ GdULiAtTe? (nm)NEsHoMoH, Sun Aug 19 2:28am
            • δ-GeULiErTe, maybe?HUInEsORn, Sun Aug 19 3:19pm
              Pronounced 'delta-J-you-li-ERRRRRRRT'. (As my wife keeps pointing out, English accents tend to drop Rs everywhere anyway.) Erbium is a lanthanide, but not a notably horrible one. Tellurium is a... more
              • And, unrelatedly...Delta Juliette, Sun Aug 19 5:38pm
                Calliope and I have been bouncing ideas off of each other for a Library series. Could we borrow the Librarian and their shelves to tell some more in-HQ stories? We're planning on giving them some... more
                • ... what, the Canon Librarian?Huinesoron, Sun Aug 19 6:15pm
                  Um. ... can you drop me an email about that? I think you have my address, and it's probably easier than me waffling all over the Board. (Feel free to loop Calliope in too.) hS
              • Hm. And here I was figuring...Delta Juliette, Sun Aug 19 4:04pm
                ...that Uranium Lithiide would be a fun combination. Albeit not as fun as anything with Astatine!
        • Well this is about as close as I could getThOMoSH, Sat Aug 18 1:24pm
          ... I can't help I'm going to fuse with Pbobos, because I've acquired a bunch of 'o's and 'h's.
          • ThOMoSH + PHOBOS = ???NEsHoMoH, Sat Aug 18 3:44pm
            I mean, probably *BOOM*, but besides that... ~NEsHoMoH
            • Actually not all that boom!HUInEsORn, Sat Aug 18 5:17pm
              I mean, boom, definitely - PHOBOS is boom all by himself, with phosphorus spontaneously igniting, and everything that's not Boron joining in. The added hydrogen, oxygen, and sulfur from ThOMoSH will... more
          • PbOBOS?Thoth, Sat Aug 18 1:50pm
            We can do better than that! Actually, we can get it exact: PHOBOS is valid
        • Have you heard about the 102nd element?Neshomeh, Fri Aug 17 10:35am
          No? Element-spelling! My M is a problem. We've got Mg, Mo, Mn, Mt, Mc, and Md to work with. Looks like I'm getting molybdenum. So, let's see... NeSHOMoH? Or, if I wanted to be radioactive, NEsHOMoH... more
          • And of course you know Santa's favourite compound.HUInEsORn, Fri Aug 17 11:14am
            Triholmium (HoHoHo). You have to ask yourself: why wouldn't you want to be radioactive? Particularly when the non- version involves compounds of neon, which is a bit tricky to pull off. ... unlike... more
            • ♪Radioactive, radioactive...♪NEsHoMoH, Fri Aug 17 11:37am
              I like the way this one looks the best anyway. So I guess the next question is, just how big is the explosion? {= D Ironic that the only color you don't mention for phosphorus is blue. ~NEsHoMoH
              • Well, since you're not a compound...HUInEsORn, Fri Aug 17 3:42pm
                ... I guess you must be a mixture. And that means I can refer to the world's foremost authority on chemistry, nay, on science as a whole: What If? is an excellent book which I highly recommend. Down... more
        • I got luckyThOTh, Fri Aug 17 8:37am
          Thallium Oxygen Thallium. Works neat enough.
          • [Checks] It does and all! You are Thallous oxide , a toxic black crystal who reacts readily with water to make a yellow solution. You are used in high-temperature superconductors, and in certain... more
            • I beg your pardon, I am a terrible chemist.HUInEsORn, Fri Aug 17 3:52pm
              Th isn't Thallium - it's Thorium. And I'm afraid it looks like Th(I) isn't stable - Thorium prefers the 4+ form. Sorry. (At least you won't explode; that's something!) hS
        • Well, I tried...SNOWBLaZr, Fri Aug 17 3:04am
          And I was almost successful - just that annoying R. The alternative is SNOWBLaZi, which sounds... worse. What do Sulphur, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Tungsten, Boron, Lanthanum and Zirconium do together? I’m... more
          • Re: I’m curious to know how you’d manage mine... Sapphire_Spark, Mon Aug 27 7:10pm
            How about AsHa CatarI?
          • IXeMoS? ITiNaZr? IKIMnAs?Huinesoron, Thu Aug 16 11:09am
            IXeAmAs might be the best one. It's pronounced right, and if you allow 'ea' to be a variant transcription of the 'ih' sound, it's even spelt right provided you don't have access to the letter Z. :D hS
            • I like this one!IXeAmAS, Thu Aug 16 11:25am
              Though the way ITiNaZr doesn’t look at all like my name kind of amuses me, too. Thanks!
              • You're welcome!HUInEsORn, Thu Aug 16 11:56am
                Iodine, Xenon, Americium and Arsenic... I don't know what that combination would do, but I'm pretty sure we'd all end up dead. Then again, since I've got Hydrogen, Uranium, Indium, Einsteinium(!),... more
      • Mmm... nah.Iximaz, Thu Aug 16 12:38am
        That video is much too angry to be you. :P Try this one on for size?
        • Ugh, too true!Neshomeh, Thu Aug 16 10:18am
          See, I was also considering the Portal 2 Curiosity Core for probably more or less the same reasons. ^_^; ~Neshomeh
    • Me, as a meme?Phobos, Wed Aug 15 8:49pm
      I don't know. Probably. -Phobos
      • I have one, but...Iximaz, Thu Aug 16 11:28am
        I won’t be able to share it until I get off work because of phones. Consider this a placeholder reminder to post it or you.
    • A self portraitMaxewell, Sun Aug 12 11:32pm
    • Lightning RoundThoth, Sun Aug 12 7:00pm
      Larf: *slaps roof of car* GMA: Worst. Thing. Ever. (Alternative: Doom: Repercussions of Evil (It's the only badfic copypasta meme I know of)) Tomash: Compiling! (Does that count as a meme?) Ypsi:... more
      • Hey!Calliope, Sun Aug 12 11:03pm
        I'll have you know that cookies are far superior to chips. :P But seriously, with all the plotting I do and how complicated I can get? It's either that or Yzma's Box.
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