You're welcome!
Thu Aug 16, 2018 11:56am

Iodine, Xenon, Americium and Arsenic... I don't know what that combination would do, but I'm pretty sure we'd all end up dead.

Then again, since I've got Hydrogen, Uranium, Indium, Einsteinium(!), Oxygen and Radon, I don't really get to talk, do I?

hS (and Hs hassium isn't much better; its most stable isotope has a half-life of ten seconds...)

  • I like this one!IXeAmAS, Thu Aug 16 11:25am
    Though the way ITiNaZr doesn’t look at all like my name kind of amuses me, too. Thanks!
    • You're welcome! — HUInEsORn, Thu Aug 16 11:56am
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