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Now you, you're a problem.
Fri Aug 17, 2018 8:26am

HIErONYMoS GeRaUBaReAt? The first name works, but the latter is falling apart at the hinges.

Perhaps GeAuBaRg? Or GeRaUBrAt might be best...

You've managed to just about stay stable with HIErONYMoS, but GeRaUBrAt is stuffed with no less than three radioactive elements, plus a liquid element... plus, appropriately enough, Germanium. So I guess it's a gamma-radiating soup of Germanness.

In fact... yeah, no, Radium and Astatine are both alpha emitters; you're pretty much going to set off a Uranium chain reaction. Hope you like mushrooms...

hS, also exploding horribly if that helps

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