And of course you know Santa's favourite compound.
Fri Aug 17, 2018 11:14am

Triholmium (HoHoHo).

You have to ask yourself: why wouldn't you want to be radioactive? Particularly when the non- version involves compounds of neon, which is a bit tricky to pull off. ... unlike Einsteinium-Holmium compounds, obviously, those are childs' play. :D

PHOBOS... based on the MtG thing, phosphorus is a great start, because elemental P comes in a whole range of colours. White, yellow, red, violet, brown, and black are known, plus white phosphorus glows green. It's a whole rainbow!

You'll be pleased(?) to know I have tried, but can't make HO2PBS into an actual chemical structure. Sadly.


  • Have you heard about the 102nd element?Neshomeh, Fri Aug 17 10:35am
    No? Element-spelling! My M is a problem. We've got Mg, Mo, Mn, Mt, Mc, and Md to work with. Looks like I'm getting molybdenum. So, let's see... NeSHOMoH? Or, if I wanted to be radioactive, NEsHOMoH... more
    • And of course you know Santa's favourite compound. — HUInEsORn, Fri Aug 17 11:14am
      • ♪Radioactive, radioactive...♪NEsHoMoH, Fri Aug 17 11:37am
        I like the way this one looks the best anyway. So I guess the next question is, just how big is the explosion? {= D Ironic that the only color you don't mention for phosphorus is blue. ~NEsHoMoH
        • Well, since you're not a compound...HUInEsORn, Fri Aug 17 3:42pm
          ... I guess you must be a mixture. And that means I can refer to the world's foremost authority on chemistry, nay, on science as a whole: What If? is an excellent book which I highly recommend. Down... more
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