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*cakefetti* HAP BIRF! (nm)
Sat Aug 18, 2018 10:22am

  • Another trip 'round the sunNovastorme, Sat Aug 18 4:25am
    Well, it's my birthday today. Turning slightly older than 20, but not quite 30.
    • Happy birthday!Hardric, Sun Aug 19 12:46am
      Please have a red berries coated black-hole chocolate cake... Just a question: How many candles? Tentative number is twenty five for now.
    • *cakefetti* HAP BIRF! (nm) — Iximaz, Sat Aug 18 10:22am
    • HAPP BIRTH!S.M.F., Sat Aug 18 9:21am
      And your 'slightly older than 20' is probably larger than mine. =P
    • Salutations!61516, Sat Aug 18 8:49am
      Have a crate of lembas.
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