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Honestly... I don't think so.
Sat Aug 18, 2018 1:20pm

To me, and many others, a good roleplay opportunity is one that provides an environment for interesting character interactions.

All this seems to do, really, is provide an endless stream of combat encounters. Which I find fundamentally uninteresting.

  • Second PostJellyity, Fri Aug 17 6:37pm
    Hello! It is me, Jellyity. I introduced myself about a month ago. (Maybe longer?) I am not sure how to word this, but, I have an RP idea. It is called Sue Simulator. The goal of the game is, there is ... more
    • Honestly... I don't think so. — Thoth, Sat Aug 18 1:20pm
      • What would be interesting, for me...S.M.F., Sun Aug 19 9:41am
        is a game where we play minor canon characters, fighting Suefluence. (Fics like Suedom, and the concept of the Badfic Games, appeal to me. I suppose this would be a tonal mix of the two.) Can we last ... more
        • ...ooh.Zingenmir, Sun Aug 19 4:29pm
          • Should we take it to the T-Board, then?S.M.F., Sun Aug 19 5:13pm
            While I don't have an account there, I may make one just for this. (Either to start it or just participate, if there's enough interest.)
            • Well...Zingenmir, Mon Aug 20 2:09am
              I don't personally have time to get involved in it right now, but if some other people are interested, go for it! ~Z
        • I mean, there's a system that might work...Thoth, Sun Aug 19 11:06am
          Don't Rest Your Head could probably be modified into that. It was already modified into Don't Zap To The Extreme, and that's a similar concept with similar inspiration.
    • I have questions.61516, Sat Aug 18 8:50am
      1) Why is it called Sue Simulator? 2) How does fighting through hordes of Sues work in a text-based RP?
      • I have answersJellyity, Sat Aug 18 1:05pm
        1) I think it’s a catchy name. 2) I give players statistics on the Sues, they reply and state their attacks, such as “X attacks Sues” and then I reply with how the attack goes.
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