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ThOMoSH + PHOBOS = ???
Sat Aug 18, 2018 3:44pm

I mean, probably *BOOM*, but besides that...


  • Well this is about as close as I could getThOMoSH, Sat Aug 18 1:24pm
    ... I can't help I'm going to fuse with Pbobos, because I've acquired a bunch of 'o's and 'h's.
    • ThOMoSH + PHOBOS = ??? — NEsHoMoH, Sat Aug 18 3:44pm
      • Actually not all that boom!HUInEsORn, Sat Aug 18 5:17pm
        I mean, boom, definitely - PHOBOS is boom all by himself, with phosphorus spontaneously igniting, and everything that's not Boron joining in. The added hydrogen, oxygen, and sulfur from ThOMoSH will... more
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