Actually not all that boom!
Sat Aug 18, 2018 5:17pm

I mean, boom, definitely - PHOBOS is boom all by himself, with phosphorus spontaneously igniting, and everything that's not Boron joining in. The added hydrogen, oxygen, and sulfur from ThOMoSH will just make that bigger.

But thorium and moly-b are just heavy metals. Thorium's mildly radioactive, so the smoke will mutate you, but moly is pretty boring.

On the other hand, sulfur being there means you'll get all kinds of sulfates, -ides, and others, which are probably all toxic. So that's fun!


  • ThOMoSH + PHOBOS = ???NEsHoMoH, Sat Aug 18 3:44pm
    I mean, probably *BOOM*, but besides that... ~NEsHoMoH
    • Actually not all that boom! — HUInEsORn, Sat Aug 18 5:17pm
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