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What would be interesting, for me...
Sun Aug 19, 2018 9:41am

is a game where we play minor canon characters, fighting Suefluence. (Fics like Suedom, and the concept of the Badfic Games, appeal to me. I suppose this would be a tonal mix of the two.)

Can we last long enough through the fic for the PPC Agents to show up and slay the Sue? Do we have enough resistance to Suefluence to help our main character friends fight off the Sue, or do we just lay low and be glad it's not happening to us? Or is our fate to just Be Happy with whatever this Wonderful New Character! desires for us~?

No need for stats, just roleplay. ;)

  • Honestly... I don't think so.Thoth, Sat Aug 18 1:20pm
    To me, and many others, a good roleplay opportunity is one that provides an environment for interesting character interactions. All this seems to do, really, is provide an endless stream of combat... more
    • What would be interesting, for me... — S.M.F., Sun Aug 19 9:41am
      • ...ooh.Zingenmir, Sun Aug 19 4:29pm
        • Should we take it to the T-Board, then?S.M.F., Sun Aug 19 5:13pm
          While I don't have an account there, I may make one just for this. (Either to start it or just participate, if there's enough interest.)
          • Well...Zingenmir, Mon Aug 20 2:09am
            I don't personally have time to get involved in it right now, but if some other people are interested, go for it! ~Z
      • I mean, there's a system that might work...Thoth, Sun Aug 19 11:06am
        Don't Rest Your Head could probably be modified into that. It was already modified into Don't Zap To The Extreme, and that's a similar concept with similar inspiration.
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