δ-GeULiErTe, maybe?
Sun Aug 19, 2018 3:19pm

Pronounced 'delta-J-you-li-ERRRRRRRT'. (As my wife keeps pointing out, English accents tend to drop Rs everywhere anyway.)

Erbium is a lanthanide, but not a notably horrible one. Tellurium is a mildly toxic pseudo-oxygen... I mean, you've got Uranium, which is the usual bad news, but after that the worst thing is Lithium, which might burn a bit.

Compared to Nesh's version, which has Astatine at its core, and has blown up before I even finished the sentence. ^_^


  • δ GdULiAtTe? (nm)NEsHoMoH, Sun Aug 19 2:28am
    • δ-GeULiErTe, maybe? — HUInEsORn, Sun Aug 19 3:19pm
      • And, unrelatedly...Delta Juliette, Sun Aug 19 5:38pm
        Calliope and I have been bouncing ideas off of each other for a Library series. Could we borrow the Librarian and their shelves to tell some more in-HQ stories? We're planning on giving them some... more
        • ... what, the Canon Librarian?Huinesoron, Sun Aug 19 6:15pm
          Um. ... can you drop me an email about that? I think you have my address, and it's probably easier than me waffling all over the Board. (Feel free to loop Calliope in too.) hS
      • Hm. And here I was figuring...Delta Juliette, Sun Aug 19 4:04pm
        ...that Uranium Lithiide would be a fun combination. Albeit not as fun as anything with Astatine!
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