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A quick note of explanation
Sun Aug 19, 2018 4:28pm

The threads thing is due to the fact that the Board's memory is limited. Remember the fairly recent post about how the archives have been updated? Well, those archives exist because every new post knocks am old one off the back, so to speak. The Board's memory generally goes back about...a year and a half or so, I think?

Which is not at all to say you shouldn't make new posts! Just try not to make a new one where a reply update to an existing thread on the front page could serve, and generally try not to make, say, three or four or five new posts in quick succession unless they're all very different and so on.

And, of course, it also just makes it easier to view and interact with topics if they're all or mostly in the same thread! It's much simpler to look at and answer a series of PPC universe questions that are in one thread than it is to answer them spread out over many!

Not that we're very, seriously, extremely annoyed if you make a couple multiple posts at first--I'm pretty sure the majority of us have been there. We're mainly just explaining and asking that you learn for the future, since that's how the Board works! :)


  • UuuhThoth, Sun Aug 19 3:42pm
    Honestly, right now I don't have time, but this is just a note... You already made a thread about this really recently, so next time, continue the thread that's already there rather than making a new ... more
    • A quick note of explanation — Zingenmir, Sun Aug 19 4:28pm
    • Another noteMaxewell, Sun Aug 19 4:09pm
      The T-Board is generally where we send RPs, and other things.
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