Delta Juliette
And, unrelatedly...
Sun Aug 19, 2018 5:38pm

Calliope and I have been bouncing ideas off of each other for a Library series. Could we borrow the Librarian and their shelves to tell some more in-HQ stories?

We're planning on giving them some Assistant Librarians, who will handle things like chasing down overdue books, reshelving, and acquiring new stock. Of course, the mysterious nature of the Librarian themself, and the shadowy Front Room, will be cherished and kept Canon!

  • δ-GeULiErTe, maybe?HUInEsORn, Sun Aug 19 3:19pm
    Pronounced 'delta-J-you-li-ERRRRRRRT'. (As my wife keeps pointing out, English accents tend to drop Rs everywhere anyway.) Erbium is a lanthanide, but not a notably horrible one. Tellurium is a... more
    • And, unrelatedly... — Delta Juliette, Sun Aug 19 5:38pm
      • ... what, the Canon Librarian?Huinesoron, Sun Aug 19 6:15pm
        Um. ... can you drop me an email about that? I think you have my address, and it's probably easier than me waffling all over the Board. (Feel free to loop Calliope in too.) hS
    • Hm. And here I was figuring...Delta Juliette, Sun Aug 19 4:04pm
      ...that Uranium Lithiide would be a fun combination. Albeit not as fun as anything with Astatine!
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