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Thoughts on this
Sun Aug 19, 2018 6:49pm

First of all, I've noticed that RPs here, excluding the Purim one, kinda happen spontaneously. If you look at the Wiki pages for the Blackout and similar things, you'll notice that they started from RPs and sorta just happened. To do this, you kinda need to have a good feel for how the Board works, what's the right time to post something new, etc. Since this is only your third post, I suggest you sit back and relax, and see what the Board has to offer already before you start something major of your own.

Second, how would Sue Simulator fit into the existing plot of the PPC? Again, one has to have a good idea of the PPC universe to pull RPs like this (that include the PPC universe and not just the Boarders) off. The idea of a machine making Sues really sounds like the already-existing idea of Mary Sue Factories, but it looks like you don't know that. So I suggest that while you sit back and relax, you also read up, at the very least on the Wiki, so that you may get a feel for what everything is here.

But do not despair! Eventually, whether it's an RP in later years, a new addition to the PPC video game family, or a campaign in my planned addition to said video games, you'll find a use for this idea. Don't worry, I know how you feel. I too was an enthusiastic newbie who tried to contribute before I knew enough to successfully contribute. You just gotta walk before you run. Okay, Jellyity? Okay. :)

TL;DR: One word. Wait.


  • Sue SimulatorJellyity, Sun Aug 19 3:30pm
    About Sue Simulator: It will not be a mindless combat simulator. Sue Simulator will have various side quests, stories, and there is a lot of plot. I am going to try my best to make it fun and... more
    • Thoughts on this — twistedwindowpane, Sun Aug 19 6:49pm
    • UuuhThoth, Sun Aug 19 3:42pm
      Honestly, right now I don't have time, but this is just a note... You already made a thread about this really recently, so next time, continue the thread that's already there rather than making a new ... more
      • A quick note of explanationZingenmir, Sun Aug 19 4:28pm
        The threads thing is due to the fact that the Board's memory is limited. Remember the fairly recent post about how the archives have been updated? Well, those archives exist because every new post... more
      • Another noteMaxewell, Sun Aug 19 4:09pm
        The T-Board is generally where we send RPs, and other things.
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